Chula Vista, California — With a trailer towing behind their truck, Richard and Maricris Drouaillet have been dedicated to living their lives on the road for the past five months.

The Riverside couple sacrificed almost everything to find Maricris’ sister, Maya Millete, a Chula Vista resident. She was last seen in the 2400 block of Paseo Los Gatos near her home on January 7. So far, countless community searches and public requests for information have not found Millett or her whereabouts.

“She quit her job,” Richard said of his wife. “Everything is out of pocket, it’s just not right.”

From underwater drones to radios to metal detectors, the search for Millet has brought huge economic costs to the family. But this is not only money, but also time to drive hundreds of miles to various locations to find any signs of missing family members.

“We will not stop,” Maricris said. “We will have another search area next weekend.”

When they received a call from detectives this week asking Maya’s family and friends to come in to help with the investigation, it resonated.

“It angered us,” Maricris said. Her husband added, “This is a way of expression.”

When Millett disappeared, someone noticed that her car was left in the driveway of the Chula Vista home where she shared with her husband and three children. Her mobile phone was turned off, and her credit card was not used. In many ways, she just seemed to disappear.

The police have issued more than 30 search warrants and questioned more than 60 people, but the case is still classified as searching for missing persons. Chula Vista police declined to comment on FOX 5 on Friday because the department only provides updates on the case every two weeks.

The next police update is scheduled for June 16.

Unfortunately, Maricris is afraid of the worst. This is why she wants to cooperate with investigators in an attempt to find Millett. She said this didn’t really happen until this week.

“Her family only started doing this five or six months after missing, which really made her family feel frustrated,” she said. “They can do this from the beginning. Now they want to search for these areas that we told them to search in January. These areas are important areas that need to be searched.”

On Saturday and Sunday, family members and volunteers will continue to search in the mountains. Miguel.


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