The Royal Canadian Mounted Police claimed that there was a crash in southern Saskatchewan, the duty officer was killed and two people were detained.

The RCMP said that after a collision in southern Saskatchewan on Saturday, one RCMP officer died and two were detained.

The police reported the collision earlier, and the mayor of Wolseley, Sask State confirmed that someone had died. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police later confirmed that the deceased was a police officer on duty.

The Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service (STARS) tweeted about an emergency call to the Wolseley area on Saturday morning. According to a STARS spokesperson, the helicopter was about to take off from Regina when they received news that medical treatment was not required.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police stated that they will provide updates on the incident and investigation at 5 pm Central Time in the United States.

In a press release earlier on Saturday, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police stated that two people were detained in a car accident before 10 am Central Time.

They also stated that they are investigating the Worseley and Francis regions in southeastern Saskatchewan.

Wolseley is about 95 kilometers east of Regina, and Francis is about 55 kilometers southwest of Wolseley.

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