The Ottawa couple take their accommodation to a whole new level

The Ottawa couple take their accommodation to a whole new level


Despite the pandemic, an Ottawa couple spent their winter, heading to New York, Florida, Hawaii, Las Vegas and the coastal area-all without leaving home.

Ruth Gallant said at their home near Beacon Hill in the city: “We decided to recreate some of the holidays in the past because we can’t really go on vacation.”

The couple love to travel and came up with the idea of ??a “vacation house” after being forced to cancel their one-month stay in Florida in March last year.

Their trip includes elaborate decorations in the living room and dining room, providing food and drinks to complement each destination.

Ruth Gallant is originally from Nova Scotia, and OJ Gallant is from Prince Edward Island, so one of their “family holidays” is naturally going to the maritime area for lobster dinner. (Submitted by Ruth Galant)

For example, their maritime holidays include lobster and scallops, while Florida holidays have palm trees and even real sand in the living room.

“Get up every morning, walk into my living room, sit on a beach chair, and step on the beach with your toes and feet. It’s great,” she said.

The heroic couple took a bite of a big apple from the living room. (Submitted by Ruth Galant)

What happened in las vegas

Their trip to Las Vegas left OJ Gallant almost naked after a tough strip poker game. He said the photo caused a lot of laughter from family and friends.

“It’s all joking,” he said, adding that they want to cheer up those who are struggling with mental health issues.

OJ Gallant performed poorly in their pretend strip poker game during their vacation in Las Vegas. (Submitted by Ruth Galant)

He said: “I think some people may have more difficulties with this than people accept.”

Ruth Gallant (Ruth Gallant) has battled cancer twice and said that she always strives to enjoy life to the full.

“This has been especially true since the pandemic, because nothing is certain,” she said.

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Ottawa residents Ruth and OJ Gallant came up with the idea of ??”vacation” after the pandemic caused them to cancel a month-long trip. Elaborate themed decorations help them travel to Florida, Marina and Las Vegas. 1:34

Relaxation of travel restrictions

Canada has imposed strict travel restrictions throughout the pandemic, but on Wednesday the federal government announced the upcoming changes.

quickly, Fully vaccinated Canadians and permanent residents cross the U.S. border into Canada As long as they test negative for COVID-19, they do not have to self-quarantine for 14 days.

This change does not apply to tourists, but for Canadians like Gallants who are eager to travel, it is a step in the right direction.

Aloha from Hawaii, also known as the living room of Gallants. (Submitted by Ruth Galant)

They recently purchased an RV that has been in the yard since October.

“So far, the RV has nowhere to go,” Ruth Galant laughed.

The couple plan to visit their family on the road as soon as the maritime restrictions are lifted. Although house holidays are fun and much cheaper, she said there is nothing better than the real thing.

“We usually see our family several times a year, and I haven’t seen my family for a year and a half.”

Gallants says that while their family vacations are fun and cheap, there is nothing better than a real vacation. This is a couple on vacation in Hawaii. (submitted)

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