San Diego-This is the story that rocked San Diego County this week: The mysterious “prosperity” Knock on the window, startle the pet and send it out Hordes of people to social media Asked: “What is that?”

And now, after days of speculation and Earthquake removal, There is an explanation for the phenomenon on Tuesday night.

“So, about the first few days…” Marine Corps Air Force Base Miramar wrote on Twitter on Saturday morning, after this shy message, Straightforward press release It is said that the “prosperity” “may be due” to the combat training of the two planes off the coast of San Diego.

“Although MCAS Miramar cannot explain all the sound events that occurred in the area, in this case, the reason may be due to the aircraft training that took place within the W-291 range, about 30 miles southwest of San Diego in the Pacific Ocean,” Basic statement read. “The two troops set off from MCAS Miramar and are conducting simulated air combat training.”

Although officials continue to say that “there are many different factors that can cause sonic booms” to be widely heard, but “changes in temperature and humidity create atmospheric conditions that cause sound waves to travel farther than other times.”

Supersonic flight is largely restricted by the Federal Aviation Administration on land, but the basic statement says that within the scope of training, the speed that can break the sound barrier can be allowed over the Pacific Ocean.

The statement continued: “A range like W-291 is essential to the training of our combat pilots.” “This practice has been happening for more than 24 years, and the Marine Corps operates in Miramar and continues to improve our The pilot’s air combat skills.”

As for the San Diego locals and golf is great Phil Mickelson’s claim He has been “testing several drivers” during the boom?

“I don’t know why (Mickelson) tried to steal the limelight,” Basic writing On Twitter. “He can come to our court to play at any time.”

The location of MCAS Miramar is strategically located near the ships of the San Diego Naval Base, with As some form of U.S. military base Since 1917. It has existed in its current form since 1997, with more than 11,000 active military personnel, including Marine Corps pilots.

This Base house The 3rd Wing of the Marine Corps, including MAG-11’s fixed-wing F/A-18 and KC-130 Hercules squadron, and MAG-16’s MV-22 Osprey tilt-rotor and CH-53E super stallion helicopter.

“The 38th Marine Corps Air Control Group and the 3rd MAW Band Support Command are also located here,” explained a base website. “The UC-12 and UC-38 squadrons of the 4th Marine Corps Air Wing, an MV-22 Osprey Squadron, and H&HS Marine Corps pilots are also at MCAS Miramar.”


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