The heartbreaking funeral photo of the Belize police “was shot by Jasmine Harting, the daughter-in-law of Lord Ashcroft”, the mourners weep

Heartbreaking photos show that the mourner at the Belize police funeral was allegedly shot and killed by Jasmine Harding, Lord Ashcroft’s daughter-in-law.

A few days after Hartin’s death, Superintendent Henry Jemmott was put to rest, and the mourner sobbed. bail After being arrested for his death.


Henry Germot rests in peace on SaturdayImage source: Paulino’s funeral home
Family members wear masks that read


Family members wear masks that read “RIP King”Image source: Paulino’s funeral home
The funeral was held a few days after Jasmine Hartin was released on bail


The funeral was held a few days after Jasmine Hartin was released on bailCredit: Jasmine Hating

Jemmott’s family wears masks that read “RIP King”, which is the nickname of the 24-year-old police veteran because he is the only child of many daughters.

On Saturday, a 42-year-old police officer held a ceremony in his hometown of Dangriga, after which his coffin was transported to the street.

Germot left five children and a 14-year-old partner.

On May 28, the body of the officer was found floating beside the pier. Shoot with his own service weapon, Where Hating The claim is accidental.

Colleagues attending Henry Germot's funeral


Colleagues attending Henry Germot’s funeralImage source: Paulino’s funeral home
Germot's coffin was transported to his hometown


Germot’s coffin was transported to his hometownImage source: Paulino’s funeral home
Mourner sobbing during emotional service


Mourner sobbing during emotional serviceImage source: Paulino’s funeral home
Germot is a 24-year veteran


Germot is a 24-year veteranImage source: Paulino’s funeral home

When the sheriff was shot, the couple apparently had a drink together on the island of San Pedro late at night.

Harding, 32, is married to Andrew, the son of British billionaire Lord Ashcroft. He was charged with manslaughter due to death.

After paying a deposit of 30,000 Belize U.S. dollars (about 15,000 U.S. dollars), she was released on bail on Wednesday.

The Canadian socialite was released after the court heard that she was suffering from “extreme anxiety and pain”

The judge ruled that Harting would not pose a risk of escape, as the prosecutor said, and allowed her to go home to visit her 4-year-old twins.

Germot's family say they don't believe that justice is done


Germot’s family say they don’t believe that justice is doneCredit: San Pedro Sun
Harting married Andrew, son of British billionaire Lord Ashcroft


Harting married Andrew, son of British billionaire Lord AshcroftImage Credit: Alaia Belize / YouTube
Harting was released on bail on Wednesday


Harting was released on bail on WednesdayCredit: Rex
Ashcroft has not publicly commented on the case


Ashcroft has not publicly commented on the caseCredit: Getty Images-Getty

Harting’s lawyer, Godfrey Smith, told reporters outside the Belize court: “Finally, the judge believes that once the appropriate conditions are in place, there is no unacceptable risk of escape.”

Harting claimed that when the two were wandering on the dock, she was returning the gun to Germot when the gun accidentally escaped.

Some people in Belize slammed the decision to grant bail to the suspect, believing that Harting received special treatment because of his wealth.

The police’s sister, 48-year-old Cherry Jemmott, lashed out at the decision to release Hartin, calling it “wrong” and “unjust.”

“He gave the police 24 years. This is the value they gave him to his life?” she asked.

Before she was released, Harting spent more than a week in the notorious Belize Central Prison.

According to her bail conditions, she must not leave Belize and must report to the police station every day.

Lord Ashcroft’s daughter-in-law Jasmine Hartin, 32, left the Belize prison after hearing that she accidentally shot a senior policeman with her gun

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