South Africa expels Malawi diplomat over alcohol scandal Malawi News

South Africa stated that the diplomat was ordered to leave after being “convicted of engaging in illegal duty-free liquor trade.”

Malawi has stated that several of its diplomats have been expelled from South Africa after being convicted of trafficking in duty-free liquor.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lilongwe, Malawi said on Friday that South Africa has given diplomats and their families 72 hours to leave the country.

The South African Department of International Relations stated in a statement that the decision was made because these diplomats were “convicted of engaging in illegal trade in duty-free alcohol” after conducting an in-depth investigation of their contempt for diplomatic privileges. .

Pretoria stated that the investigation into similar violations of other missions in South Africa is “at an advanced stage, and similar actions will be taken if they are found guilty.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malawi expressed “regret” for “Malawi diplomats… who were declared unwelcome” and promised to take disciplinary actions when these officials returned to their country.

On Thursday, several diplomats in Lesotho were expelled from South Africa on similar grounds.

South African media reported that Lesotho diplomats with tight funds have been bringing alcohol into the country without paying tariffs and then reselling it in bars and restaurants.

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