Senior military leaders play golf with former senior soldiers currently under investigation

Last week, two senior military leaders played golf with General Jonathan Vance, the former chief of the defense staff, when he was at the center of a gendarmerie investigation, alleging improper behavior involving female subordinates.

Chief of the Defense Staff Lieutenant General Mike Rullo and Lieutenant General Craig Baines of the Royal Canadian Navy met with Vance on June 2 at the Highlands Golf and Country Club in Ottawa. Defense officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they did not have the right to speak publicly.

Rouleau’s decision to play golf with Vance was based on eyewitness testimony that aroused people’s concerns. Sexist double standards In a parliamentary committee reviewing sexual misconduct in the military. The testimony revealed cases in which women’s careers were shortened, while senior male officials in similar cases were allowed to continue working after participating in the same behavior.

Todd Lane, the press secretary of the Secretary of Defense, said that Harjit Sajjan didn’t know that the three were going to play golf until after inquiries by the media this afternoon.

“The decision of LGen Rouleau and VAdm Baines to play golf with Gen Vance is disturbing and unacceptable,” Lane said in a statement. “The minister will discuss the next move with the acting chief of defense staff.”

Rouleau has power over the dean of the military, and he is responsible for investigating the National Bureau of Investigation of the Canadian Forces in Vance.

Vance told Global News that he denied these allegations.

Lieutenant General Mike Rouleau has authority over the military’s provost, and he is responsible for investigating Vance’s National Bureau of Investigation of the Canadian Forces. (Fred Chatlander/Canada Press)

“We recognize the seriousness of the matter”

The Globe and Mail and Global News first reported the gathering at the Ottawa golf course, describing it as a “first-rate golf course” for Canadian military personnel and their families on the course’s website.

Whether it is the chief of defense staff, Lt.-Gen. The official said that neither Wayne Al nor Deputy Defense Secretary Jody Thomas knew about the golf game and learned about it from the media on Saturday. The official said it was also unclear on Saturday whether action would be taken against Rullo and Baynes.

Defense Ministry spokesperson Jessica Lamirande said: “We have learned that LGen Rouleau and VAdm Baines play golf with Gen (retired) Jonathan Vance.

“We recognize the seriousness of the matter, so we will collect facts and suggestions to determine the next course of action.”

The female of the Vance Sexual Misconduct Case Center, Major Kelly Brennan, delivered Heavy testimony to parliamentary committee In April. In it, she said that Vance considered himself a “untouchable” and that he was the father of her two children but did not support her.

In the second case, Vance allegedly sent a pornographic e-mail to another woman who was a junior non-commissioned officer about nine years ago.

An official said, Lieutenant General. Rouleau plans to serve as Eyre’s strategic advisor next month. Lieutenant General Francis Allen is expected to succeed Roulo and become the first woman to serve as the Chief of Defense Staff.

CBC News submitted a request for comment to Rouleau and Baines on Saturday night, but has not yet received a response.

The military is in a leadership crisis. Six senior officers are involved in a crisis of sexual misconduct, including Vance’s successor, Admiral Art MacDonald.

A landmark review of the military’s justice system by former Supreme Court Judge Morris Fish found that cases of sexual assault and misconduct should be handed over to civilians during the transition period until the military provides the victims with More protection.

The government has instructed former Supreme Court Judge Louis Arbor to lead an external review of sexual harassment and misconduct in the military. The Ministry of National Defense also created a new position of “Head of Behavior and Profession”, which is now held by a lieutenant general. Jenny Carinan.

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