Ricky Hatton warned Tyson Fury that he discovered that Deontay Wilder disguised a “cruel fist” during training.

Ricky Hatton warned Tyson Fury not to underestimate Deontai Wilder after seeing clips of his “fatal punch” in training.

Bronze bomber In February 2020, he was beaten for the first time because he handed the WBC belt to the British in a seven-round suspension.

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Ricky Hatton warns Tyson Fury not to underestimate Deontai WilderCredit: Social Media-Reference Source
The killer fought the bronze bomber for the first time in the corner of the Gypsy King


The killer fought the bronze bomber for the first time in the corner of the Gypsy KingCredit: Reuters

The Americans are now seeking revenge because he faces Fury again, After they signed on July 24th After arbitration.

Wilder and his new coach Malik Scott is working And recently hinted at a tactical switch.

And Hatton-who is Fury’s first corner kick against Wilder -Worried that the potential reunification round with Anthony Joshua may have seen the Gypsy King look away from the ball.

He wrote in the column subway: “Will Tyson Fury underestimate Deontai Wilder? Maybe.

“This is the first question everyone will ask him if there is any complacency. Especially considering how easy it is for him to win the second game.

“But Tyson will know that he needs to be more excited about this. I know Wilder will be embarrassed by the end of the last fight, so he will be more determined.

“No matter what happened last time, Tyson must be as determined as he is.

“Let’s be right; Deontay Wilder is a fierce fighter. I have seen clips of him working with Malix Scott.

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“In the bottom job I have seen, he seems to better conceal his big shots and work harder to improve his movements, while he used to shoot a lot from the back row.

“He seems to be a little tighter in training, he seems to have more control and thinks more about what he is doing.

“He has started to handle things in the right way. He will be prepared for this because he knows this is his last chance. Tyson must be as prepared as he is.”

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Deontay Wilder reveals why he hired the “genius” Malik Scott before the Tyson Fury battle

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