Reading terminal market won the first Philippine fusion restaurant

Reading terminal market won the first Philippine fusion restaurant


This month, Reading Terminal Market will open a new restaurant, which is considered the first restaurant in the Philippines to open a store in a historic market.

Tambayan will serve Filipino fusion food throughout the day, including breakfast and desserts. Philadelphia Business Journal Report.

It will take over the position of Wursthaus Schmitz on the market sometime in late June.

Owner Kathy Mirano immigrated from Taal in Batangas Province, Philippines 24 years ago, and worked as a server and manager for Olympia Gyro in the Redding terminal market for more than 20 years.

“Kathy is deeply rooted in Filipino culture and has decades of experience in the Reading terminal market, which made her successful from the very beginning. She has developed a dedicated customer base through her catering business and we are very happy to Market visitors introduced her concept, “Anne Allman, CEO and General Manager of Reading Terminal Market, To Wood Bing“Tambayan is considered the first company in Reading Terminal to focus on Filipino food, and we are happy to bring this culinary option to Central City.”

Mirano will co-own the restaurant with her partner John Karmanski, who has worked with Aramark for nearly 20 years.

The concept will provide food and flavors from the Philippines, such as ube, a purple yam native to the country. It will also have longanisa, a Filipino sausage, fried rice and eggs, lumpia, ube fries, Filipino-style pasta and monthly specials.

“In Tagalog, Tambayan means’a place to enjoy good food with friends and family.’ Family is an important part of my career,” Milano said. “I look forward to introducing Filipino cuisine to customers in the reading terminal market and adding my own ideas to it.”

Tambayan’s full menu will also provide take-out and delivery services.

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