Niger: Attack on Seini Oumarou’s house killed guards | Niger News

Two men on motorcycles attacked the house of Seni Oamaru, Speaker of the National Assembly of Niger.

Authorities said that the house of Niger’s National Assembly Speaker Seini Oumarou (Seini Oumarou) was attacked by machine guns. One of his guards was killed and the other was seriously injured.

Oumarou’s consultant Osseini Salatou told reporters on Saturday that the attack took place at night from Friday to Saturday and was carried out by two men on motorcycles.

He added: “They shot at the guard (posted in front of his house) with a machine gun, killed one of them,” and seriously injured the other.

The Niger Ministry of the Interior confirmed the attack in a statement on Saturday night, adding that the two attackers had tried to drive away a 4×4 vehicle parked in front of the building before leaving the scene, but they were unsuccessful. .

They added that officials have already begun investigating the attack.

Oumarou led the national development social movement, which was in power from 1999 to 2010.

Oamaru, 70, ranked third in the first round of the December 2020 presidential election and then supported the final winner, Mohamed Bazum.

In the violence that broke out after Bazum won the election in February, protesters attacked Oamaru’s home and shot and killed one of his bodyguards.

Niger is located on the edge of the Sahara Desert. After ISIL and armed groups in neighboring Nigeria, Mali and Libya linked to Al-Qaida launched attacks, security issues here have attracted increasing attention.

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