Live weather in the UK-The British will be burnt in a heat wave of 30 degrees Celsius this weekend, peaking during England’s first Euro 2020 game

British weather: Summer has not yet arrived, and the “widespread” showers after the weekend heat wave surprised the British

The United Kingdom is expected to have a heat wave this weekend, and the temperature in parts of the United Kingdom may soar to 30 degrees Celsius. However, the forecast predicts that there will be heavy rain next week.

The Met Office predicts that after the British enjoyed mercury in the mid-1920s in the past few days, weekends will be hot.

The WX chart shows that a weather system will change, which may bring widespread showers to the West Midlands, the southwest, parts of Wales and the north of England.

This Bureau of Meteorology They also added that they predict it will rain by the end of the month.

They said: “By the end of June, the weather in most parts of the UK will be clear and dry, although there may be a few showers in some places, and sometimes it may rain in the Far North.

“The temperature may be above average and the south will be warm. By the end of June and early July, the situation may become more unstable as the probability of rain spreading in the UK increases.”

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