Late spring heat wave to the San Diego area

San Diego (CNS)-Meteorologists suggested on Friday that the late spring heat wave would provide the San Diego area with a sultry summer preview next week.

According to data from the National Weather Service, a high-pressure system building in the Southwest increased the temperature in San Diego County by 2 to 6 degrees on Friday afternoon compared to 24 hours ago, and will cause the local temperature to soar to next week, Tuesday to Thursday. Reach the peak.

Forecasters say that during this period, the maximum temperature in the desert will reach 115-120 degrees, while the minimum night temperature in these areas will only drop to more than 80 degrees. The valleys and mountains will not be so hot, they may reach their highs in the 1990s.

The Meteorological Department recommends that the low-end humidity during the day is about 10%, coupled with gusts, will increase the risk of wildfires in the desert and the eastern slopes of the mountains every afternoon during the entire period.

With the heat and the beginning of summer, the San Diego California Fire Department advises families to stay vigilant.

“People are (are) going to the river for all kinds of outdoor activities,” said Thomas Slice, a spokesperson for the California Fire Department San Diego. “This involves trailers many times. If you don’t maintain them, if you drag the chain, they may cause a fire. Various components are integrated into it.”

Shoots continued: “We really want everyone to make sure that they don’t start a fire, and if there is a fire near them, they can be ready to set off at any time.”

The Meteorological Service predicts that coastal areas will mostly avoid the sweltering weather due to shallow seas and onshore currents.

According to the Meteorological Service, computer models indicate that the area will begin to be relieved from the high temperature at the end of the work week or sometime next weekend.

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