Hawks rookie NFL player comparison: Talen Jackson

During this half-dead period of the offseason, we will compare each Philadelphia Eagles rookie with current or former NFL players. Today we will find compensation for Taren Jackson on the sixth round defensive end.

Introduction to previous player combinations

Devon Tower SmithLandon DixonMilton Williams
Zeke McPhersonKenny GainwellMarlon Tuplotu

Jackson is a short and stubby pass rusher. He has achieved good results (18 sacks, 26.5 TFL) during his last two seasons (23 games) on the coast of the Carolinas. His highlights:

Jackson is known as a powerful attacker with fighting ability, and (Andy Reid warns!) a high mobility, given his lack of height/height and ideal sports measurable standards, this is a necessary characteristic, as shown below Show:

Jackson showed his ability to learn both internally and externally in college, so it is surprising that he weighs only 254 pounds on the combine harvester. The bet here is that the Eagles will try to gain weight within a range of around 270 degrees, allowing him to contribute as a high-intensity rotation player inside and outside the professional team. He will have the opportunity to learn from Brandon Graham early in his career.

However, a target person who may be more realistic than Graham is the Seahawks defensive winger. Kerry Hyde, His career is very interesting. He is not a perfect combination because he entered the league as a short, 290-pound DT. He lost weight and mainly became a DE. Jackson entered the league as a DE, but he had to gain weight to be able to be in it. play.

Hyde is currently 6’2, 270 tall. He has created a good career as a substitute D-lineman. He has played both inside and outside. He has 8 sacks on the Lions in 2016 and 8.5 sacks on the 49ers in 2020, but other than that, he has not achieved impressive numbers. Like Jackson, Hyde is an energetic and hard-working player. Although he does not have a good height or athletic ability, his productivity is also good. Take a look at his 2020 season:

Jackson will bring the same intensity, but ideally, he can become an efficient, versatile, and rotating role player.

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