Grumpy Economist: The vaccine slows down?

Grumpy Economist: The vaccine slows down?


source. Everyone seems to be tired of the new coronavirus. Of course, inflation, debt, “infrastructure,” and competing voting narratives are more interesting. But covid is still with us.

This chart summarizes what I have read in many news reports: The rate of vaccination is slowing. There is ample supply, but we have met people who don’t get vaccinated.

This makes me feel like a tragedy. (Disclaimer: This is an exploratory article, I would love to hear it from more knowledgeable people). This means that covid will stay with us as an endemic disease, and occasionally it will break out with the weakening of immunity and the development of covid. We are on the 20 yard line, guys, this is not the time to play.

I’m a full liberal, but it’s not about vaccination. The United States should promote near-universal vaccination. It’s like finishing your antibiotic dose.

We don’t have to jump to obsessive-compulsive disorder.Can we at least allow excitation? Even to liberals, a vaccine passport sounds simple. allow I want to disclose that I have been vaccinated, and allow Owners of private property such as restaurants, bars, airlines, etc. require proof of vaccination. This provides a good incentive for people to get vaccinated.

Our policymakers seem to be so crazy about the smallest “fairness” issue that even this simple step is impossible. On NPR, the fact that some disadvantaged groups refuse to be vaccinated means that the rest of us cannot have passports. Republicans also refuse to be vaccinated, no one cares! Yes, some people with weakened immune system cannot get the vaccine. Well, at that altar, are we trying to get other people out of trouble, or to push others to get vaccinated so that they don’t infect people with weakened immune systems — they shouldn’t go to bars anyway. This debate has been going on, time is wasting.

Even public information has disappeared. Our chief promoter should push like crazy-get vaccinated, people!

I think the best moment as a blogger last year was probably mine SIR model with behavior This predicts that the reproduction rate will stabilize at a level close to 1. When it is greater than 1, people will be more careful, including vaccination. When it is less than one, people will slack off. We have seen a large number of people and politicians slack in the most important step, which is full vaccination.

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