Denmark vs Finland live broadcast: With the rapid start of the Danes, free streaming, scores, TV channels

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In other news outside of football but still related to the European Championship, Denmark will get rid of the idea that people will soon have to wear masks and allow an increase from the initial 16,000 fans to 9,000 fans.

Due to the extensive lockdown measures implemented in late December last year, the infection rate has dropped significantly, which means that the Nordic countries have avoided the third wave of Covid-19.

For all the touring spectators waiting to watch the game at the Copenhagen Stadium, this is really great, because the news coincides with the opening weekend of the main game.

However, the Danish Football Association has informed the TV station TV2 that in tonight’s opener against Finland, the event to welcome 25,000 fans is not yet ready.

Attorney General Nick Haekkerup said: “The development of infection is at a steady level, and the Danish vaccination work is progressing well.

From June 14th, even people without a valid Covid-19 passport can use the leisure center and libraryday However, it is estimated that the pass will be completely abolished in October.

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