Denmark-Finland Euro 2020 match suspended after Christian Eriksson fell on the court and was taken to the hospital

On Saturday, Danish midfielder Christian Eriksson was taken to the hospital after falling to the ground during a European Championship game.

The European football governing body said that Eriksson has stabilized, and the Danish Football Association said he was awake.

“Christian Eriksson woke up and is undergoing further inspections at Rigshospitalet,” the Danish Federation wrote on Twitter.

Towards the end of the first half, Eriksson received emergency medical treatment on the court, and the 2020 European Cup match between Denmark and Finland was suspended.

He received about 10 minutes of treatment after passing out. Subsequently, he was carried away on a stretcher. UEFA subsequently announced the suspension of the game “due to a medical emergency”.

UEFA stated that the team is holding an emergency meeting and more information will be provided at 7:45 pm local time. A stadium announcer asked fans to stay in their seats and remain calm.

When Eriksson fell face forward to the ground, he had just made a short pass. His teammate immediately gestured for help, and the medical staff rushed to the field. Eriksson received chest compressions because his Danish teammates stood in the protective wall around him to protect privacy.

Danish fans, including Christian Eriksson’s partner Sabrina Kvist Jansen, watched as Eriksson received media attention. (Jonathan Nakstrand/Reuters)

The Finnish players huddled up on their bench and eventually left the court while Eriksson was still undergoing treatment, as did the referee.

Eriksen finally received warm applause, and his teammates walked beside the stretcher.

The game was suspended with a 0-0 score in the 43rd minute.

Eriksson is one of Denmark’s greatest football stars. This incident brought an instant shock to Parken Stadium, where about 15,000 fans fell silent. Some supporters can be seen crying and hugging in the stands.

Finnish fans began to chant the name of the Inter Milan midfielder.

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