Austin mass shooting: 13 people were hospitalized as attacked on 6th Street

Austin mass shooting: 13 people were hospitalized as attacked on 6th Street



Austin (Kansas)-At least 13 people were injured in a shooting in downtown Austin in the early hours of Saturday morning.

At a briefing on Saturday morning, Interim Police Chief Joseph Chaken stated that the shooting occurred at 400 East 6th Street, near Trinity Street. There are many bars in the area.The first 911 call about the shooting came in at around 1:24 a.m.

Chacon said that 11 people are now being treated in one hospital, one victim has gone to another hospital, and the other victim is being treated in the emergency room. There are currently no reports of deaths.

According to Chakang, two of the patients are in critical condition.

The police said they were still looking for the suspected gunman. Chakong can only share a vague description at this time. He said the suspect may be a black man with a “skinny” figure and local style hair. The motive of the shooting is unclear.

Chacon said he can’t say yes Is not Since the suspect is not detained, it poses a danger to the public. However, he said the shooting appeared to have only occurred in this area of ??the city center.

He said his officials used a patrol car to take 6 patients to the hospital, and Austin-Travis County EMS nurses eventually took 4 patients away. According to the police, three of them were transported by private vehicles.

The police explained that the police used patrol cars to take away some of the victims because of the large number of people on 6th Street and the chaos at the scene, making it difficult for EMS and the Austin Fire Department to reach the area. Chacon praised his officers for saving some victims with first aid and tourniquets.

“We lined up to enter a bar on Sixth Street,” the witness Matt Perlstein said. “all is well.”

Perlstein said that a large number of police were present all night because there were too many people in the area-and then he said they heard gunfire.

“We just heard nine—a bunch of—gunshots. Everyone fell to the ground. We couldn’t even understand what happened.”

“It’s very surreal,” witness David Frost said. “You can’t even imagine something like this happening outside.”

Chakang said that the FBI is assisting the police in investigating the mass shooting at the scene.

In a statement on Saturday morning, Austin Mayor Steve Adler Partly says: “APD and the City Council have initiated a number of violence prevention efforts to respond-but this crisis requires a broader and coordinated response by governments at all levels. One thing is clear-more access to guns does not mean greater Public safety.”

Anyone with information about the shooting is required to call 911 or (512) 472-TIPS.

As more detailed information is shared, KXAN will strive to provide more updates.


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