Wildwood’s shamrock beef and beer closed after 80 years of operation

Shamrock Beef and Ale is an 80-year-old Jersey Coast staple that will be permanently closed after the bar has repeatedly violated the New Jersey COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

Clover was cited for violating social distancing requirements and staying open after a national curfew at 10 p.m. NovemberSince May 2020, they have also received dozens of subpoenas for violating the state’s indoor dining guidelines.

Owner Tom Jerez Tell NBC10 He disputed several allegations against the bar, but ultimately “did not see any solution” and decided to sell the property.

Wildwood Bar has Liquor Licence It and Club amnesia with Pirate Bar in Castaway As part of a settlement with the New Jersey Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, the suspension was suspended during the summer. These properties are owned by Gerace and were originally scheduled to reopen in October.

“It’s a frustrating feeling, it is true,” Gerace said.

Customers can enter the building for the last time on Saturdays and Sundays for liquidation sales, including bar equipment and items. Facebook post from Clover.

Open to the public: We will sell various items and other treasures from all 3 bars. We will open at 8 am and will be open until 3 pm on Saturdays and Sundays on June 12th and 13th.

Publisher Shamrock Beef and Beer on Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Customers can buy everything from old glasses and wall decorations to the top of a wooden bar.

New buyers of the bar said they plan to demolish the building for a redevelopment project.

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