Trudeau consults the Queen on the process of selecting a new governor

Trudeau consults the Queen on the process of selecting a new governor


A few months after Julie Payette’s resignation, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Queen Elizabeth today discussed the procedures for electing the next Governor of Canada.

Payette resigned after a report discovered that she hosted a toxic work environment in Rideau Hall, which dozens of people described as hostile or negative.

Canadian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Ralph Goodall told reporters at the G7 summit in the United Kingdom that Trudeau spoke with the Queen in a virtual audience today and talked about the “urgency” of appointing a new governor.

Goodell said today: “The Prime Minister hopes to have a dialogue with Her Majesty the Queen to let her know the exact situation of the process and listen to her advice when he enters the final stage of decision-making.

Since January 21, Canada has not had a representative of the Queen in Canada. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Richard Wagner (Richard Wagner) has been filling his other jobs.

On June 11, 2021, during the G7 Summit, Queen Elizabeth met with US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden at a reception held by the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK and G7 leaders. chat. (Jack Hill/Associated Press)

Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs Dominic LeBlanc (Dominic LeBlanc) told members of Congress yesterday that Trudeau will receive a list of candidates in “the next few days.”

“I think we came up with an interesting list,” LeBron told the House of Commons Process and House Affairs Committee on Thursday. “The Prime Minister has not yet made a decision. But I think it should be made in the near future.”

Julie Payette resigned as governor after reports that she presided over a toxic work environment in Rideau Hall. (Adrian Wilder/Canada Press)

Payette and her deputy Assunta Di Lorenzo stepped down after an external report that described incidents of “yelling, screaming, aggressive behavior, derogatory speech, and public humiliation” in the Rideau Hall.

The third-party review was triggered by reports by CBC News citing more than a dozen confidential sources who claimed that Payette and Di Lorenzo had abused employees. Payette has insisted from the beginning that she takes harassment in the workplace very seriously and that everyone has the right to a healthy and safe working environment.

Trudeau was accused of failing to thoroughly review Payette’s position as deputy king before taking office in 2017. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News reported that Payette’s two previous workplaces had not undergone inspections that could trigger red flags.

Conservative MP John Nut asked LeBron to assure the House of Commons that if there was no vote of no confidence, the prime minister would not call for the dissolution of Parliament.

LeBlanc does not provide this guarantee. He said he hoped to appoint a new governor within a few weeks.

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