The homeowner in the suburbs of Philadelphia was found dead after the explosion, the Eagleville police confronted a fire

Montgomery County prosecutors said an armed man was found dead in the rubble of his Eagleville home on Thursday. He participated in a police standoff and escalated into a series of house fires on Thursday.

Investigators say that 65-year-old Thomas Razzi stayed at his home in a chaotic scene that destroyed two other townhouses and caused damage to three other townhouses . His body has been confirmed.

Just before noon on Thursday, the police in Lower Providence received a 911 call from a witness who said that a law enforcement officer was being chased by a gunman. The prosecutor said that law enforcement officers had visited the property at 4045 Cardin Place to conduct follow-up inspections of known hoarding.

According to investigators, when law enforcement officers entered the home, Lacy showed off a gun. The police officer left the property and was able to ask the neighbor to call the police. The official also called 911 and explained the dangerous situation.

Two police officers in Lower Providence rushed to the scene and confronted him in front of Lacy’s house. The prosecutor said that Razzi was not carrying a weapon at the time and he retreated to his home and slammed the door behind him.

Additional police arrived at the scene and established a cordon around the property.

Soon after, a series of loud explosions and gunfire could be heard from Razzi’s home. The authorities believe that Razzi was the source of the explosion and gunfire. The police officer did not exchange fire with Razzi at any time.

Before the fire spread from Razzi’s property to nearby properties, officials and firefighters safely evacuated the surrounding houses. Displaced residents contact the Red Cross and provide accommodation for those who need them.

Preliminary investigations found that the combination of chemical mixed fireworks and ammunition in Razzi’s home was likely to be the cause of the explosion and gunfire. The prosecutor said that Razzi made the fireworks himself and placed several firearms and ammunition in his home.

The investigation into the incident is still ongoing. Anyone with information can contact the Lower Providence Police Department at (610) 539-5901.

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