Returning to work is “postponed by one month” and nightclubs are closed because Freedom Day will be postponed to July 19

After “Freedom Day” on June 21 is postponed, working from home and social distancing will continue for another month.

Covid containment measures will last up to four weeks because India-or Delta-the explosion of variants Postponed the last step of the government’s road map to withdraw from the blockade.

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As the “Freedom Day” date on June 21 is postponed by one month, working from home will remain as it isCredit: Alami
If step 4 of the government’s roadmap to end restrictions does not take place for a week on Monday, social distancing rules will continue to exist


If step 4 of the government’s roadmap to end restrictions does not take place for a week on Monday, social distancing rules will continue to existCredit: Agence France-Presse

“The Sun” revealed last night Boris Johnson After the surge in variant cases in India, prepare to postpone step 4 until July 19 An increase of 240% in just one week.

According to the plan that is expected to be announced, the social distancing rules and the six-a-side rules will remain unchanged.

However, if the date to end the lockout restriction on June 21 is postponed, the nightclub will have to close completely.

The number of people allowed to enter arenas, cinemas, sporting events and theaters will also remain unchanged.

Free day delay

Bars and restaurants will not be able to operate at full capacity, the number of customers allowed to enter is limited by social distancing rules, and table service will still exist.

But the wedding will remain exempt, and the Prime Minister is expected to lift the 30-person limit even on June 21 Relaxation of blockade is delayed.

Will include a two-week review which means Coronavirus disease If the number of hospitalizations decreases, the restriction may be lifted on July 5.

But the decision to postpone the reopening on June 21 will anger congressmen, business leaders and heads of the hotel industry.

Boris Johnson will postpone the Covid Freedom Roadmap for a month


Boris Johnson will postpone the Covid Freedom Roadmap for a monthCredit: Reuters

A source told The Sun: “The last thing they need is unscrupulous access restrictions.

“No one wants to go backwards, we must do it well first.”

The Cabinet’s Covid Operations Committee will meet on Sunday to finalize a decision.

On Monday morning, the Cabinet will make its final decision on June 21.

Mr. Johnson will address the nation on Monday night after making the decision.

Roadmap: how it will unfold

June 14- Boris Johnson Will speak to the whole country and make a plan to postpone June 21

June 21-The original “Freedom Day” date may now be postponed

July 5th-Boris Johnson will review and evaluate the data as part of his “two-week vacation clause.”If the data is positive, the restrictions can be partially or completely relaxed

July 19-A new “Freedom Day” is proposed, when the Prime Minister hopes to remove all restrictions across England

The government will use the delay to see if the vaccine is launched Means the number of cases has risen Don’t cause a surge in hospitalization.

It will also expose millions of people to a double blow.

Public Health England (PHE) analysis shows that the infection rate of the Indian variant has risen to Increased from 12,431 last week to 42,323, A jump of 240%.

PHE also found that this variant-96% of cases in England-is 64% more infectious than Kent or Alpha strains and is twice as likely to cause hospitalization.

But the postponement of the decision will bring new turbulence to companies that are preparing to fully reopen on June 21.

Andrew Lloyd Webber warned that if the ministers did not allow the theater to open, he might take the minister to court It will operate at full capacity from June 21st.

The famous composer’s £6 million musical “Cinderella” will have its world premiere at the Gillian Lynn Theatre in London on July 14.


Kate Nichols, owner of the British hotel industry, said: “Any delay in the road map will have a devastating effect on the already fragile hotel industry.

“A one-month delay will cost the industry £3 billion in sales and bring many companies closer to the edge of the cliff of failure, which means more unemployment.”

Another 8,125 Covid cases were confirmed on Friday.

At the same time, the British Medical Association urged Mr. Johnson to stop on June 21 to allow more people to receive the two vaccines.

Dr. Chaand Nagpaul, Chairman of Ccouncil, said: “Currently, only 54.2% of adults are fully vaccinated. Many young people are not eligible. Relaxing all restrictions too early will undermine the excellent work of the vaccine program and lead to a surge in infections.”

Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi (Nadhim Zahawi) warned not to lift the final restrictions too soon, thereby “wasting the painstaking results of the vaccine launch”, suggesting that the delay is imminent.

No10 publicly insisted that a final decision has not yet been made.

But a private key figure said that any opportunity for progress within two weeks is “up in the air.”

Boris Johnson plans to postpone the lifting of the blockade on June 21 to July 19, as the Delta variant has tripled in a week

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