President Biden gave Boris Johnson of the U.K. a bicycle valued at $6,000 made in a North Philadelphia store

President Biden gave Boris Johnson of the U.K. a bicycle valued at $6,000 made in a North Philadelphia store


President Joe Biden visited the UK for the first time this week and contacted the British Prime Minister before the G7 summit in Cabis Bay this weekend.

When foreign leaders try to solve global problems, they often exchange habitual gifts to greet each other and establish personal connections.

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For Biden, this means turning to a bike shop in northern Philadelphia to customize touring bikes and helmets for the avid cyclist Boris Johnson.

Philly Bike Expo shared a post about this gift, which was made at Bilenky Cycle Works in Olney.

You may have seen President Biden giving British Prime Minister Boris Johnson an American-made bicycle today…

Publisher Philadelphia Bike Show on Thursday, June 10, 2021

This store at 5319 North Second Street is run by Stephen Bilenky, who has a wide range of handmade bicycles, from road bicycles and touring bicycles to tandem bicycles, cargo bicycles and commuter bicycles. Bilenky is a native of Philadelphia. He started manufacturing bicycle frames in 1983 and began to cooperate with the British bicycle manufacturer Jim Gittens from Birmingham.

For Johnson, Biden ordered a Sterling Metro 5, which was the original model Bilenky developed to start his bicycle manufacturing career. The store shared a photo of the bike on Facebook, showing a blue frame with elements of the American and British flags. The helmet Johnson received depicts the national flags of the two countries and their crossed staff.

Publisher Bilenky Cycle Works on Thursday, June 10, 2021

In less than two weeks, this bike had a budget of $6,000. Inquirer Reported on Friday.

In exchange for bicycles, Johnson gave Biden a framed photo depicting a British mural by the abolitionist Frederick Douglas.

Biden, Johnson and other world leaders will meet this weekend to discuss the ongoing global recovery and response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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