Newsom signs order to cancel California’s virus regulations

Sacramento, California (AP)-Official news: Most of California’s coronavirus rules regarding public gatherings will disappear on Tuesday after Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order on Friday afternoon that foreshadows The impact of the pandemic on most public life in the United States has ended in the most populous state.

Newsom’s actions on Friday ensure that the state will end the stay-at-home order and its various amendments on Tuesday after a record of more than 15 months, because more than 70% of adults in the state have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine. Starting Tuesday, companies will have no capacity restrictions or physical distance requirements. People who are fully vaccinated do not need to wear a mask-including indoors.

Although most public life will officially return to normal on Tuesday, the state will still be under a state-wide emergency statement. This means that Newsom retains the power to change or suspend state laws indefinitely until he decides to end the emergency declaration or the state legislature does it for him. The latter option is unlikely because the Democratic Party dominates the legislature and is allied with the Democratic governor.

This angered Republican lawmakers, who pointed out that state law requires the governor to end the state of emergency “on the earliest date possible.”This week, three Republican congressmen Wrote a letter to Newsom Despite the decline in the rate of new infections and hospitalizations, he is still under pressure as to why the state of emergency still exists.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Newsom has issued 58 executive orders that have changed or suspended hundreds of state laws. Newsom’s legal affairs secretary, Ann Patterson, stated that if Newsom now ends the state of emergency declaration, “all executive orders will disappear.”

“It’s like a stacked tower. If you pull out the bricks at the bottom, it will immediately collapse and won’t attract anyone’s attention,” she said. “This must be done in an orderly manner so that we can safely get out of trouble without disrupting businesses or public services.”

The governor’s office said on Friday that 90% of Newsom’s executive orders issued during the pandemic will be cancelled by the end of September.

The first batch will end on June 30 and includes an order to waive manufacturer license applications so that companies can quickly start manufacturing new products (such as hand sanitizer) to address shortages during the pandemic.

The second batch of orders will be lifted on July 31, including an order that suspends in-person visits by state staff who care for vulnerable communities. The final batch will end on September 30 and includes an order to suspend parts of the state’s public meeting law to allow local governments to conduct virtual meetings and voting during the pandemic.

A smaller number of orders will be held indefinitely, including instructions to make state fairgrounds available to respond to the pandemic and allow pharmacy technicians to manage the dose of coronavirus vaccine.

Also on Friday, the California public health official, Dr. Tomás Aragón, issued a new order that includes new requirements for wearing masks, which will take effect on Tuesday. The new regulations say that in most places, people who are fully vaccinated do not need to wear masks, whether indoors or outdoors. But the state still requires people who have not been vaccinated to wear masks in public places.

“We have reached our target, and we feel we are ready,” Dr. Mark Gurry, Secretary of the California State Health and Human Services Agency, told reporters on Friday. “From the perspective of the spread of COVID, things in California are going pretty smoothly.”

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