“It’s impossible” June can move in with LAURYN

Laurin’s husband, Joshua Efird, said: “There is not much money to pay me to live with Joan.”

Laurin agreed and told her mother that “there is no way in hell” that she can move in.

“You ask me if I can be a roommate here, we already have six people. No, mother. No,” Laurin said.

Laurin, who is expecting another child, said that when there are problems with life in June, she tends to “pump it on me.”

“If Gino goes to jail, I have nowhere to go,” Joan complained.

Alana sympathizes with her mother more. She said that Joan has been “over a year”, so she can stay until she “stands up again”.

“Now, I have to focus on my family,” said the pregnant Laurin.


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