Joe Biden’s latest news: The President takes a group photo with the leaders of the Group of Seven before the Queen’s Conference

On Friday morning, Joe Biden took a group photo with the leaders of the Group of Seven nations, only a few hours before the president and the queen met.

Before the summit, Biden said it was time to “start work.”

“This is the first official day of the G7 summit in the UK,” he said. “I look forward to strengthening our commitment to multilateralism and working with our allies and partners to build a more equitable and inclusive global economy.”

Later on Friday, Biden and his wife Jill will meet Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle after the G7 summit.

This is Biden’s first overseas visit as president, and tense negotiations with Vladimir Putin are still in progress.

Biden A comprehensive bet has been set for his eight-day trip, and I believe that the West must publicly prove that it can be economically compatible with China When the world goes fromCoronavirus pandemic.

Biden’s top priority, he left on Wednesday to go to his first stop United KingdomTo make the world believe him Democratic Administration is not just a brief deviation from the trajectory of US foreign policy.

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