Hawks player comments: Travis Fulham Edition

In the offseason, we will look at some players who have joined the Philadelphia Eagles or have already joined the team, but we may not know them well yet. Today we will take a look at Travis Fulgam.

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The Eagles asked Fulham to waive the Packers’ immunity in the training camp at the end of 2020.They actually gave him “beginner level (This is a good result on the Hawks’ scoring standards) He has been paying close attention to him before the 2019 NFL draft, and claiming him when the opportunity meets the need.

Fulgham showed something during the last training session before the 2020 season, and he became the Eagles’ priority to remain in the training team. In the first three games of this season, he has remained in the training team and performed well in training every day. When the Eagles’ receiving team suffered a series of injuries, Fulgam was drafted into the 53-man roster.

He started the game against the 49ers in Week 4 and won the game at the 42-yard TD reception. In the next four games against the Steelers, Ravens, Giants and Cowboys, he continued to play big numbers. In these five games, Fulham actually leads the league in receiving, and it looks like the Eagles are fortunate to become a legitimate long-term starting wide receiver.

Then, when he suddenly appeared, Fulham fell silent. The Hawks ushered in their goodbye week after those five games, and on the other side, Fulgam only caught nine passes for 104 yards and 0 TDs in the rest of the season.

Take a look at his weekly snapshot counts and statistics:

week opponent Snap Interstate
1 football team Practice class not applicable
2 ram Practice class not applicable
3 Bengal tiger Practice class not applicable
4 49 people 37 2-57-1
5 Steelers 46 10-152-1
6 crow 58 6-75-1
7 Giants 78 5-73-0
8 cowboy 60 6-78-1
10 Giants 59 1-8-0
11 Browns 65 1-8-0
12 Seahawks 37 2-16-0
13 packing worker 25 0-0-0
14 saint 11 0-0-0
15 Cardinals 26 2-30-0
16 cowboy twenty two 2-27-0
17 football team 29 1-15-0
All 13 games, 8 starts 577 38-539-4

So why did Fulgam lose the snapshot? Earlier this week, wide receiver coach Aaron Moorehead was asked about this.

“This [five-game stretch] Show me a lot,” Moorehead said. “It shows a lot to everyone.Then [success], Which is also in line with the understanding that now the defense will start planning for you to stop you. Sometimes it takes a while for a young player to understand this. “

“Then he was bitten a bit and didn’t complain, but he had to stick to it. As the season progressed, it was a bit of wear and tear for him.

“This guy has it. We saw it. Right? We all saw it. It’s there. I am looking forward to seeing Travis and what he did this year. I think just as you saw him improve last year. , He was kind and a bit old-fashioned last year, and then got rid of it.

“If Travis can continue to grow physically, mentally, and all these aspects, he can make himself that person again. If he does, honestly, our successors, including Jaylen Rager, Devin Tower Smith, Greg Ward, we can be really, really, really good.”

What Moorehead didn’t mention was that Alshon Jeffery ate most of Fulgham’s snapshots after Jeffery returned to the lineup. Moorehead was asked whether Jeffrey’s return hindered Fulham’s growth. In his answer, Moorehead hinted that Fulham might be a little slack in practice.

“To say the least, this is an impeccable timing,” Moorehead said. “I have always been one of the best people to play. I don’t care if it’s Travis Fulgam who appeared here in the last week of training camp, or Arsen or anyone else. This is the best person who wants to play.

“Football is meritocracy. The money you make by playing is every player on the field. At the same time, Arzon is back from injury. He has been practicing for three or four weeks, but he has no chance to play very well. When he starts to become healthy, he has the ability to put him and Travis together and also has the ability to separate them, which is very important for our football team.

“I don’t want to say that this makes Travis stunted. I would say it opened his eyes, like,’Hey, look, you’d better come here to practice every day, just like your job is about to go online, otherwise others People can take over your job.’ As a young player, a second-year player in the league, he can learn his lesson. I hope he can learn his lesson in the third year and stick to it.”

Below is a video of all of Fulham’s goals this season.

Here is what I saw from Fulham’s 2020 game:

speed: Fulham scored 4.58 in the 2019 NFL combined game. He is obviously not a trailblazer, but a savvy route runner who can play a role on the court.

hand: I want to say that Fulham’s hands may be his biggest problem as a player. He almost caught the ball easily in the game, and in this game he survived for Wentz who was fighting for it. The ball almost fell to the ground, but he was able to recover and catch the ball. If you look at his TD receiving the ball against the Ravens, the ball actually passed directly through his hand, but he was lucky that the ball landed in his bread basket after hitting his body.

In this season, We only let him down twice, Although there are other difficult catches.

Catch up: In his TD against the 49ers, although DB tried to get him out of bounds, he still did a great job outside bounds and scored after receiving the ball. Against the Steelers, after catching the ball in the middle, he was hit by Minka Fitzpatrick, but remained standing and continued to run. Although I don’t think he is someone who can catch a slash and run 80 yards from defense, once he gets the ball, he will show a serious running style. He is usually able to get every yard within his physical ability without having to dance or give up himself.

Route operation: He didn’t show much shock, but he got where he needed to go. He seems to know where to sit within the area coverage, maximize the distance between defenders, and straighten his body to give QB a big goal. When he is in contention mode, he also does a good job of keeping his QB alive. In addition, even if the ball does not fly to him, he can run a good route. For example, he ran a good draft route against the 49ers in the 4th and 4th positions, allowing John Hytal to open up and create an easy transition.

Versatility: He lined up and caught the pass of the entire formation. He lined up in a row on the field, off the field, and even H-shaped guards in the backcourt. This is very attractive to Nick Siriani. He hopes that his receiver can play anywhere. Because of this versatility, the Eagles can try matchups. For example, in the game against the Steelers, Fulham lined up in a row for the open, and 5’9 Mike Hilton could not cover him.

Controversial catch: The Steelers game is the best example of Fulham taking advantage of his big body. In the game against Hilton and Steven Nelson, he caught the ball twice near the sidelines. He has a size advantage and takes advantage of it. For five weeks, he is basically what the Hawks want JJ ??Arcega-Whiteside to be.


In my opinion, Fulham is one of the three most talented receivers on the list, along with Devonta Smith and Jaylen Rager. In OTA, the receivers for the first team are Smith, Reagor and Ward, while Fulgham plays with the second team on the perimeter, so it looks like they are getting him into the starting lineup.

It’s good now, but if Ward gets more steals than the more talented Fulham this season, it’s hard to understand, just like Jeffrey, who was stunned in 2020, has more steals than him. Same time.

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