EastEnders spoiler live broadcast-why not on TV tonight, plus the latest updates from Coronation Street and Emmerdale

Coronation Street Spoilers-Continued

After Bernie fell next week, Evelyn continued to manipulate Bernie to run errands for her ITV soap.

However, when Bernie sent Evelyn’s dog Cerberus home, she managed to uncover her deception with dog food.

When Bernie relayed Evelyn’s reaction and told Bernie that he owed her a glass of wine, Dev was at a loss.

When Adi makes fun of Dove’s non-existent love life, Bernie shows up and pretends that they are going on a date.

With the end of their pretend date, Dove invites Bernie to come back to him.

Afterwards, Dev told Bernie that she would not repeat the performance, so she stepped into it.

Bernie was shocked by his arrogance, and he told Dove not to boast.

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