DA said the Allentown woman tried to hire an undercover police officer to kill her husband

According to the Lehigh County prosecutor, an Allentown woman who claimed her husband had abused her tried to hire a killer to kill him, but eventually reached an agreement with an undercover police officer.

Authorities said 44-year-old Claudia F. Carrion was charged with homicide on Friday after meeting with police officers on Thursday.

A confidential informant told the police that Carrion was asking if he wanted to find a killer to kill her husband. The Allentown police sent a deputy detective to meet with Carion, who allegedly agreed to pay $4,000 for her spouse to be murdered. The prosecutor said that Carrion could not pay all the money in advance, so she gave the detective $100 and told him that she would pay $100 in weekly installments to cover the balance.

The authorities detained the carrion after the interaction.

The prosecutor did not specify whether Carion’s allegations of abuse are under investigation.

The carrion was sent to the Lehigh County Jail with a bail of US$500,000.

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