Boris Johnson praised the “indestructible relationship” with the United States after an “amazing” meeting with Joe Biden

After an “amazing” meeting with President Joe Biden, Boris Johnson praised Britain’s “unbreakable relationship” with the United States.

The Prime Minister said that decades later he will classify the term “special relationship”-but hope that the British and Americans will establish an unbreakable bond.

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Boris Johnson said he wanted to remove the word “special relationship” to describe the relationship between Britain and the United StatesPhoto Credit: Andrew Parsons / 10 Downing Street

In an interview with BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg after talking with Biden at G7, Mr. Johnson said: “This relationship has been going on for a long time, and it has always been a peaceful and prosperous one in Europe and surrounding regions. An important part of the world.”

Yesterday, Boris and Biden joked to the camera together when they met their wife for the first time.

The president told reporters: “I told the prime minister that we have something in common. We are all married.”

Mr. Johnson-secretly married two weeks ago-replied: “I will not disagree with the president there…or anything else.

After their meeting, Mr. Johnson stated that the alliance between Britain and the United States is an “indestructible relationship.”

It was reported that Mr. Biden was prepared to “rebuke” him over the tension between the Northern Ireland Agreement and the European Union, adding: “The President has not said anything similar.”

He said these people discussed Harry Dunn’s tragic case-Mr. Biden was “very sympathetic” and “actively involved.”

The G7 summit started today, but Mr. Johnson and President Biden met a day earlier to consolidate the long-term alliance between the two countries.

Over the weekend, Cabis Bay, a typical sleepy town in Cornwall, welcomed the G7 circus with its reporters and security personnel.

A steel ring was thrown around the town, and security guards crawled on the street.

President Biden’s heavily armed “beast” Cadillac was discovered.

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