Beauticians shared terrible photos of false eyelashes. The application of false eyelashes was so bad that they tore off a woman’s real eyelashes and made her bald.

A beautician revealed the terrible consequences if you go to a cheap clinic.

She shared a video in which a woman almost lost her eyelashes-shocking Instagram users.


Alyssia shared this video with her 40,000 fansCredit: Jam Press

Alyssia Hubbard, 31, lives in Los Angeles, USA with her 32-year-old husband Karin and their 6-year-old daughter Brooklyn.

The owner of Luxe Lash is an expert in all fields of beauty, and she regularly shares photos of her work Douyin with Instagram, She has nearly 40,000 fans in total.

However, one of Alyssia’s latest videos frightened social media users because she revealed the dangers of cheap or untrained eyelashes.

In this shocking video, the beauty expert showed a set of improperly used eyelashes obtained by a client elsewhere-her natural eyelashes were almost torn off due to the fusion of false eyelashes and real eyelashes Up.

Her client lost some natural eyelashes


Her client lost some natural eyelashesCredit: Jam Press

In addition to the possible loss of eyelashes, the lady also felt pain-her eyes were bloodshot from the strain.

Alyssia shared this transition on Instagram and captioned the video: “The eyelash emergency is so wrong.”

“My client is not in the city and needs to do eyelashes, so go to a place she has never used before to make an emergency appointment,” she told Jam Press.

“Unfortunately, this became a bigger test because they made a completely wrong application and ultimately caused her pain.

“All the eyelashes are glued together, pulling her natural eyelashes and eyelids.

“In order to hold the eyelashes in place, they removed the adhesive strips from the eyelashes, cut them into several pieces, and then combined them with ordinary eyelash extenders.

The eyelash technician said her client’s eyelashes were


The eyelash technician said her client’s eyelashes were “very wrong”Credit: Jam Press


“When she showed me their status, I couldn’t believe it,” she saidCredit: Jam Press

“The technician glued the lash liner under and above the lash line, so all her natural eyelashes were soiled and stuck together.”

Alyssia revealed that the technician violated the first rule of applying eyelashes—not cleaning the natural eyelashes first, which can be dangerous.

She said: “When she showed me their status, I couldn’t believe it.

“I am very worried about whether she feels pain and whether she has any itching or burning.

“Single eyelash primers should be performed on clean eyelashes, one by one, and her eyelashes were soiled because the previous mascara was not properly removed.

“In addition, the adhesive backing is not suitable for eyelash lines at all. Its purpose is to keep the eyelashes you use to fan on the strip so they can be stored in and out of the box.”

The client had to wait for a painful 25 minutes, and Alyssia carefully and painstakingly took off the wrong eyelashes with tweezers.


“I am worried that she is in pain, if she has any itching or burning sensation”Credit: Jam Press
Alyssia was able to give her clients a beautiful new set of eyelashes


Alyssia was able to give her clients a beautiful new set of eyelashesCredit: Jam Press


“Alyssia said the technician violated the first application rule-not cleaning the eyelashes first”Credit: Jam Press

Unfortunately, due to the previous wrong procedure, the woman had “breaks and gaps”, so some damage was inevitably caused.

Alyssia said: “After I was able to remove them all, I evaluated the eyelash lines to see what damage they caused.

“There are a lot of breaks and gaps, but luckily she has a lot of strong and healthy lashes, so I cleaned and removed all the remaining product before applying primer and applying new mascara.”

Social media users were shocked by this shift — and apparently kept the warning to avoid cheap beauty jobs in mind.

“You are a miracle creator!!” a netizen wrote.

“Oh my God!! Wow! Terrible! Thank goodness, savior! Haha,” another person added. [sic]

“Amazing change!! Wow! It makes me very satisfied, and I am very happy that the customer is okay,” the third person wrote.

“Omggg great job,” others added.

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