After the sleepy Ravenseat was overwhelmed by fans of Amanda Irving, our neighbor on the Yorkshire farm broke the silence

Amanda Owen’s neighbor revealed that Revenseat Farm has become a hot spot for visitors to our Yorkshire Farm fans.

shepherd Amanda, 40, Living on the farm with husband Clive and their nine children, they recorded their daily lives on the popular Channel 5 show.


Fans flocked to Yorkshire to see Amanda’s styleCredit: PA

Now thanks Our Yorkshire FarmAccording to the family’s neighbors, the area is quickly becoming a tourist hotspot.

Patricia and Ronald Tyler have been living in the home next door to Owens for more than two decades and have witnessed the expansion of the family.

The 66-year-old and 67-year-old couple described Owen’s home as “a great neighbor” and they are always on standby if they need help due to their remoteness.

However, Patricia and Ronald, who moved to the area from London, told Yorkshire Live They have noticed that it is becoming more and more popular.

Channel 5 stars make the area more popular


Channel 5 stars make the area more popularCredit: Getty

Since the first documentary series about the Irving family was broadcast in 2018, the number of visitors has increased rapidly.

The couple said that more and more people are heading to the Svalaidale area, hoping to get a glimpse of the stars and their beautiful area.

“Amanda has a huge fan base,” the neighbor revealed. “We let those who come down, if she closes, they will go home and come back the next day.”

Patricia went on to talk about Amanda’s reputation throughout the region and beyond: “I think people just want to see her.”

Neighbors said that fans came from afar to try to meet her


Neighbors said that fans came from afar to try to meet herCredit: PA

Previously, Countryfile star Julia Bradbury (Julia Bradbury) has brought light to rural areas by visiting the show and writing related articles.

“It all started when Julia Bradbury did one of her shows here and Amanda met her,” Patricia told Yorkshire Live.

“Now she has written the book, done everything, and people are coming a lot now. It’s almost like a pilgrimage,” she added.

Earlier this week, Amanda posted a photo of swimming in a local river on Twitter, confirming her popularity.

Amanda showing off while swimming in a local stream


Amanda showing off while swimming in a local streamCredit: Twitter

After posting to her 168,600 fans, they immediately flooded in comments asking her where she was.

Asked about the picturesque location, one wrote: “I can know the location of this place. It is now on my list of visits this summer.”

Another person just interjected, “Where is this, please?”

“Svaldale, North Yorkshire. See you soon,” Amanda replied. “There is no guarantee of full sun, but you can always see amazing views, and there is still enough space for you to use.”

Our Yorkshire Farm is broadcast on Channel 5.

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