Actor Riz Ahmed leads the way to change the way Muslims see in movies Art Culture News

Scholarships for young Muslim artists will be decided by a committee including actors Mahshara Ali and Rami Yusuf.

British actor Riz Ahmed (Riz Ahmed) has launched an effort to improve the way Muslims are portrayed in movies. A previous study showed that when Muslims appear, they are hardly seen by people and act negatively. The way appears.

Ahmed, the Metal Statement star and the first Muslim to be nominated for an Oscar for best actor, said Thursday that the blueprint for Muslim tolerance will include funding and guidance for Muslims in the early stages of storytelling.

Ahmed said in a statement: “The performance of Muslims on the screen has contributed to the policies, the people killed, the countries being invaded.”

“The data does not lie. This study shows us the severity of the problems in popular movies, and the cost is measured in terms of lost potential and lost lives,” he added.

A study by the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative called Missing and Maligned found that in the highest-grossing movies released in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand from 2017 to 2019, at least one character who speaks of Muslims appeared.

Research shows that when they do, they are seen as outsiders, threatened or subservient. About one-third of Muslim figures are the perpetrators of violence, and more than half are the targets of violence.

“Muslims live all over the world, but movie audiences can only see narrow portraits of this community, not a real view of Muslims: business owners, friends and neighbors, their existence is part of modern life,” Al-Baab Khan said. The author of the report.

Ahmed, 38, was born in London to Pakistani parents. He said that funding will change the rules of the game and allow more Muslim actors, writers and producers to enter the film and television industry.

“If I didn’t get scholarships and private donations, I wouldn’t be able to go to drama school,” he said.

The $25,000 scholarship for young Muslim artists will be determined by an advisory committee that includes actors Mahshara Ali and Rami Yusuf, and comedian Hassan Minhaj.

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