76ers vs. Eagles, Game 3: Real-time updates, analysis, highlights, etc.

76ers vs. Eagles, Game 3: Real-time updates, analysis, highlights, etc.


On Friday, the Eastern Conference semifinal series between the 76ers and the Eagles will go to Atlanta for the third game. Both sides will play one game each, which means that the outcome of this game has a great impact.

The Hawks’ victory, they at least ensured their split at home-perhaps more importantly, to ensure that the 76ers cannot end the game at home in the sixth game. For the victory of the Philadelphia team, they will really have Treyang and Co. on the rope, because the Eagles will suddenly find themselves facing a must-win game in Game 4, because their back-to-back loss at home will be in Philadelphia Create a knockout match.

But there is good news for Atlanta. They are unbeaten in the home game against the Knicks. Since Nate McMillan took over, their overall record at the State Farm Arena is 19-2. Where is their final loss? All the way back to the Bucks on April 15.

Nevertheless, after the second victory, the 76ers scored from 1.5 to 2 points on Friday night, depending on which sportsbook you are watching. FeaturedThis may be for good reason, because the 76ers are fighting the Eagles’ best weapon by putting Ben Simmons or Matisse Sebre on Young instead of Danny Green. At the same time, Atlanta has yet to show that they have an answer to MVP runner-up Joel Embiid, who has averaged 39.5 points per game so far in this series despite a partial torn meniscus.

Although the big man is again listed as a problematic person, it is hoped that he can play, especially with two days off between games (update: Embiid Can play).Speaking of injuries, the Eagles hope to return DeAndre Hunter sometime in this series, but the Philadelphia product is Excluded from the playoffs Earlier this week, an MRI showed that his knee had a new meniscus tear. This was the difficult end of a season that hadn’t really started since the beginning-he only participated in 23 regular season games.

But the Eagles have a lot of weapons, as they have shown in this series so far. The question will be whether the 76ers can stop them like they did in the second game – or whether the Atlanta shooters will be as hot as they were in the first game.

The reminder is scheduled to take place on ESPN at 7:30pm, and as always, we will provide you with the latest news, analysis and highlights in our real-time tracker…

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