Sylvester Stallone said the director of “Rocky IV” will be released in November

Mark your calendar, “Rocky” fans. We officially set the premiere date of the director’s cut version of “Rocky IV” that Sylvester Stallone has teased for a long time.

The actor and screenwriter revealed on his Instagram account that “Rocky vs. Drago-The Ultimate Director’s Cut” will be released in theaters on November 11.

Stallone said: “I am proud of all the technicians who brought this movie and the battle back to life in an amazing way.”

Along with Stallone’s announcement, there is also a new movie poster. The poster’s feature is that Ivan Drago slammed Rocky Balboa with “Rocky IV Director’s Cut” written in the middle and “Rocky and Germany” at the bottom. Lago”. The poster also includes two stars, one with the American flag in the lower left corner and the other with the Soviet flag in the lower right corner.

Now, “Rocky” fans are eagerly waiting for the trailer to be released in the next few months.

Last month, Stallone jokingly called the re-edited movie Will “come soon” And it will premiere in Philadelphia, the hometown of Italian stallions. He also announced the first poster of the upcoming movie.

Stallone Announced last August He will release a new version of “Rocky IV” to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the movie’s release, which is November this year. He said at the time that in the movie, the storyline of Poly Pennino and his robot maid, where Rocky and his family gave him his birthday gift, will be deleted from the re-edited version.

But since the announcement of the upcoming movie, Stallone will occasionally post updates on the re-editing process on his Instagram to let fans know what he is doing.

Last September, he shared that he was adding The deadly battle between Apollo Creed and Drago. Rear Finish the final touches of the movie In February, Stallone said last month The project is completed and ready.

Stallone said in April that he would Release a complete behind-the-scenes documentary Called “Keep Punching: The Present Meets the Past”, it will bring fans into the process of re-editing.

“Rocky IV” is the fourth film in the critically acclaimed “Rocky” series. It tells the story of Balboa defeating Soviet boxer Drago in an epic battle after killing Creed in Moscow. story. “Rocky IV” is the most economically successful film in the “Rocky” series, with a box office revenue of US$300 million in 1985.

In addition to replaying the left-handed role in Philadelphia for the fourth time, Stallone also wrote and directed “Rocky IV.” Stallone wrote all six “Rocky” movies and also directed “Rocky II”, “Rocky III” and “Rocky Balboa.”

“Rocky IV” and five other “Rocky” movies are currently available on HBO Max.

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