Simon Cowell “will perform his first charity walk after a 110% recovery from a broken back”

Simon Cowell “will perform his first charity walk after a 110% recovery from a broken back”.

The 61-year-old British Got Talent judge broke his back after an accident on an electric bicycle in the United States last year.


According to reports, Simon Cowell is doing a charity walkCredit: Splash

Simon before Said that he recovered “healthier than ever before” Seriously injured-It is now reported that he will participate in a charity walk to raise funds for the Meteor Children’s Shelter.

A source told mirror : “Simon has fully recovered and has been telling friends that he feels 110%.

“He seized the opportunity to participate in the charity walk because this is a cause very close to his heart. He has a contact book filled with celebrity friends, please rest assured, they will all receive calls about donations.

The newspaper reported that he had raised nearly 30,000 pounds in a few days.

He has fully recovered from a broken back


He has fully recovered from a broken backCredit: Splash

Simon is He was almost paralyzed when he fell off the electric bike At his Malibu home last year.

Judge X Factor also explained that the damage could be life-threatening.

In a speech to promote America’s Got Talent, he said: “I’m still one millimeter away from cutting my back in half. So I think I’m very lucky.

“The weird thing is that it’s a good thing that it happened. I didn’t get Covid because I couldn’t travel, and last year I may have completed my due share.”

Simon and his partner Lauren Silverman


Simon and his partner Lauren SilvermanCredit: Splash

Simon broke three vertebrae in a terrible fall, and his spinal cord was missing a centimeter.

The star fell backwards and hit the concrete floor in front of his frightened six-year-old son Eric and his partner Lauren Silverman The teenage son Adam comes from a previous relationship.

The star was taken to Providence St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, a short drive from his £18 million waterfront property in Malibu, where he underwent surgery.

Later he confessed to the fans He didn’t read the instructions Before trying his new toy.

The British Got Talent judge was with his son Eric at the time


The British Got Talent judge was with his son EricCredit: Getty

To break the silence, Simon wrote on Twitter at the time: “Some good suggestions…If you buy an electric off-road vehicle, please read the manual before the first ride.

“My back is broken. Thank you for the good news…”

He added: “Thank you very much to all the nurses and doctors. Some of the best people I have ever met. Take care, everyone.”

Thankfully, Simon doesn’t seem to leave any lasting physical or mental damage. Not afraid to return to the saddle Now his injuries have fully recovered.

Simon Cowell made a comeback after a bicycle crash and shocked the other judges in casual shorts

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