Only 0.6% of vaccinated people in New Jersey are infected with COVID

New Jersey health officials announced on Wednesday that less than 1% of the state’s fully vaccinated residents have been infected with COVID-19-a promising trend that can ensure the effectiveness of the vaccine.

From mid-December to late April, 1,319 breakthrough cases were reported among 2.5 million fully vaccinated New Jerseys, accounting for 0.06% of the total number of vaccinated people. Status data display.

“This means that 99.94% of vaccinated people have not tested positive for COVID-19,” Say New Jersey State Health Commissioner Judy Persichilli. “Such a high percentage indicates that breakthrough infections are extremely rare.”

According to Dr. Edward Lifshitz, Medical Director of the State’s Infectious Disease Services, the reported cases are fairly minor. Of the reported cases, only 505 reported that they had symptoms and 377 had no symptoms. Information for the remaining 437 people is not available.

Persichilli said 92 vaccinated people in the state were taken to hospital.Of these, only 30 received COVID-19 care, while 62 people were admitted to the hospital for different reasons but tested positive on arrival. According to reports, 14 people have died, but only 7 people are directly related to COVID-19.

Most people who were hospitalized or died were over the age of 50, and two-thirds of breakthrough cases were women.

To be fair, Lifshitz said there may be more unreported breakthrough cases, because people with mild or non-existent symptoms are usually not tested.

More than 70% of eligible New Jerseyers have been vaccinated.Governor Phil Murphy said that the state Sixth place The total number of residents vaccinated in the country.

Each of the three vaccines approved in the U.S. has Efficacy score is higher than 60%. Pfizer’s vaccine was found to be 95% effective in clinical trials, while Moderna’s vaccine was found to be 94.1% effective. The effectiveness of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is 66%.

These ratings determine the vaccine’s ability to prevent symptomatic COVID-19 cases, not their ability to prevent all coronavirus infections.

The state’s findings are in line with A study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Found that patients who received the COVID-19 vaccine had mild or no symptoms.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention track Of the 3,950 front-line medical staff, 204 were found to have tested positive. Only 16 of these positive cases were vaccinated workers.

Compared with people who were not vaccinated, those with breakthrough infections had 40% less virus in their bodies, and 58% had two days less time to recover.

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