Meghan Markle’s latest news-the “arrogant” Duchess will never talk to her family again, “because she thinks they are under her”


A woman revealed that she was also named after the queen, just like Harry and Meghan’s daughter Lily Beat, but claimed that this nickname gave her a “bad nickname” and that she has been correcting those who made the mistake.

American director, producer and writer Lilibet Foster has had this unique name for more than 50 years-now she has revealed some problems with the royal nickname.

In an interview with, Ms. Foster expressed her thoughts on this incredibly unique name and the idea that it is almost impossible for people to pronounce it correctly.

“Choosing a name for your child is a major commitment,” she said.

“Some parents want a completely unique name that few people have, and some don’t want a name that is too unusual for fear that their children will be teased.

“I have never seen another Lilibet, and have always been happy to explain that I am named after Queen Elizabeth II and her nickname.

“Of course, almost no one can pronounce my name correctly, I spent a lot of time spelling it, and I have been called a few bad and embarrassing nicknames.”

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