Keep up with the Kardashian series finale live broadcast

The historic TV show to keep up with the Kardashians will end on Thursday, June 10, 2021.

But there will also be a reunion special that will be broadcast on Bravo on Thursday, June 17, 2021. Andy Cohen Will host.

During the reunion, Chris Jenner It reveals why the show is about to end after 20 seasons.When Cohen grilled her, Kohler Kardashian also had the opportunity to sit in a hot seat Tristan Thompson Cheating methods.

In the trailer, Kim Kardashian Says she owes someone an apology, but fans have to listen to see who the person in question is. Courtney Kardashian also revealed a Shocking revelation.

She said her relationship with her Scott Disco If the camera is not on them for so long, the results may be different. However, Courtney also stated that Disick’s drug abuse problem is the “ultimate deal breaker.”

Read the “Walk with Kardashian Sisters” live blog below for the latest news and updates…

  • “I’m stuck” KIM cries to KRIS

    In the seemingly final trailer The last episode of KUWTK, gold Sit down with her mother to talk about her doomed marriage Kanye.

    The 40-year-old told her mother that she was taking off her glasses to wipe her tears: “I always thought I could have a baby when my husband moved from one state to another, and then I realized that no, I’m not here. It’s far from being happy to get to this point.”

    In fact, in the last episode, she broke down and said: “I can’t do this anymore. I can’t. Why am I still stuck in this place for so many years?”

  • Kim’s “favorite shooting” producer said

    Keep in touch with the long-term executive producer of the Kardashian family to reveal the secrets of the show behind the scenes.

    What did he share Kardashian I like the camera most and hate shooting the most.

    EP Farnaz Farjam tells Hey Among them, Kardashian likes shooting most: “I might say, Kim.”

    He continued: “I would say that Kelly dislikes making movies the least, but she actually performed much better in the final season-probably because the 20th season is about to end.

    “If you think about our recent family trips, Kylie has disappeared-but she came for this trip, and she must have performed much more this season.”

  • Kanye’s new girl has a child with former Bradley Cooper

    Irina shares A daughter, Lea De Seine, 4, With her predecessor Bradley Cooper, 49.

    The black-haired beauty and Bradley broke up last year after spending about four years together.

    yesterday, Kanye, 44, and Irina, 35, was Found at Teterboro Airport in France, Their private jet landed amid ongoing romantic rumors.

    Credit: Getty
  • After the divorce, Kim felt like a “F**KING LOSER”

    Kim recently sobbed on KUWTK because she admitted to feeling like a “fucking loser” during the divorce.

    The reality TV star claimed that when her 13-year marriage ended, she “feeled a failure.”

    Credit: E!
  • Kim “does not believe” Kanye has moved on

    Kanya was spotted with Russian supermodel Irina Shayk.

    The source previously told The Sun No “upset” Because she “doesn’t believe they are real.”

    Can see gold Make her mother Chris cry Talk about her split in the final episode of Kardashian’s famous reality show-it will be broadcast on E tonight! 20 seasons have passed since its premiere.

  • Kanye keeps going after divorcing the supermodel

    Supermodel Irina Shayk and Kanye go on a romantic trip to France.

    Credit: Getty

  • Kanye’s new girl makes KIM’emotional breakdown’

    Source close goldThe 40-year-old told The Sun that she had been struggling to deal with rumors about her ex’s new relationship because she closed the chapter Keep up with the Kardashians.

    The insider claimed: “She lost control of her emotions this week.

    “I really don’t think she believed Irina and Kanye’s rumors from the beginning, and she didn’t handle it well.

    “Now with the ending of her show, it’s very difficult for her. It’s definitely more difficult than she thought, because it’s so much all at once.”

    The source said that the SKIMS founder was “more emotional than her friends have ever seen”, but claimed that she still “try to hide this by keeping herself for most of the time.”

  • After KUWTK FINALE, KIM KARDASHIAN is “leaning” on his mother KRIS

    “The Sun” revealed that after the KUWTK finale and Kanye West’s trip with Irina Shek made her “emotionally out of control”, Kim Kardashian “leaned” on his mother Chris Jenner .

    This beauty billionaire has a lot to do when she navigates Long run The reality show is over, and the divorce with her is completed at the same time Rapper.

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