Investigation found that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police violated privacy laws using facial recognition technology

A new investigation claims that the use of controversial facial recognition technology by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has seriously violated Canada’s privacy laws.

After investigating the use of Clearview AI by the National Police Force, Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien submitted a report to Parliament on Thursday morning.

He discovered: “The Royal Canadian Mounted Police used facial recognition technology to search a large database of Canadians who were not suspected of any crime, which seriously violated privacy.”

“If a third-party agent collects information illegally, government agencies cannot collect personal information from the third-party agent.”

Last year, a New York Times survey showed that the software had extracted more than 3 billion photos from public websites such as Facebook and Instagram, so concerns about the company’s Clearview AI intensified. Then turn them into a database for use by more than 600 law enforcement agencies in the United States, Canada, and elsewhere.

Therrien said that although the RCMP no longer uses Clearview AI, he still fears that the unit does not agree with his conclusion that it violates privacy laws.

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