Green Party member Jenica Atwin crosses the floor to join the Liberal Party

According to CBC News, Fredericton MP Jenica Atwin (Jenica Atwin) is preparing to leave the Green Party caucus today and join the ruling Liberal Party across borders.

Atwin is expected to announce the news at a press conference in Fredericton later today, with Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc by her side.

A senior Liberal party source said that Atwin initiated a cross-border operation when he got in touch with the ruling party a few weeks ago.

The source said that Atwin expressed satisfaction with the Liberal Party’s attitude on core issues such as environment and reconciliation. Atwin’s husband, Chris Atwin, is a member of Oromocto First Nation.

Atwin made a historic breakthrough for the Greens in the last election-when Fredericton defeated the current Liberal President Matt DeCourcey, she won their first place in the Atlantic. Seats. Atvin, along with Paul Manley and former leader Elizabeth May, provided the Green Party with three members of Congress and the largest caucus meeting in their history.

Rift in the Middle East

Atwin’s departure occurred after the Israeli-Palestinian conflict exposed the fault line in the Green Party.

Atwin directly challenged party leader Annami Paul’s position in the conflict, saying that Paul’s call for easing the dialogue between the two was “completely not enough”.

“I stand with Palestine and condemn the incredible air strikes in Gaza. End apartheid!” Atwin tweeted on May 11.

The day before, Manley said on Twitter that the expulsion of Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah community in East Jerusalem was “ethnic cleansing”.

Recently, Canadian media reported that the Green Executive Committee voted not to renew the contract with one of Paul’s senior consultants.

Adviser Noah Zatzman expressed solidarity with Israel in a social media post on May 14. The post accused many politicians, including unspecified members of the Green Party, of discrimination and anti-Semitism, triggering A letter movement called for his removal.

In addition, two party executives recently announced that they will step down early. One of them is John Kidder, who is the vice chairman of the party’s governing body and the husband of Congressman and former leader Elizabeth May.

In the 2019 election campaign, Atwin stated that when Trudeau violated his promise to reform the electoral system, left-leaning voters felt “betrayed” and stated that they now see the Green Party as a more truly progressive choice.

“We think we are the choice,” she said. “We believe that we are voters looking for change, hoping to achieve better results than in the past four years.”

She also accused Trudeau of “spreading fear” when he warned voters that the split between the Liberal Party and the Green Party would help elect a federal Conservative government.

But during the campaign, she promised to pressure New Brunswick Governor Blaine Higgs to fund Fredericton’s Clinic 554 abortion, which she welcomed.

“Interestingly, he didn’t raise it before, but support means support,” she said at the time. “I hope the clinic at 554 will remain open… so I am grateful for him to come forward now. It would be nice to see it during the Galant administration.”

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