From Friday, this is what you can and can’t do

As most of Ontario enters the first phase of its reopening plan, as of Friday, what miracles are waiting for us?

Larger outdoor gatherings, patio dining, and limited non-essential retail shopping are major changes. But the first phase also allows outdoor religious services, car theaters and children’s day camps.

Some Ottawa bars plan to open their terraces at 12:01 am until the last call at 2 am on Friday.

The one exception to this reopening is Porcupine Health Center in Northern Ontario, Because the community still has serious transmission problems, so restrictions will continue to exist.

Can I invite friends to come to the backyard party?

Yes it is. Stage 1 means you can have up to 10 people.

Can I eat in the restaurant?

You can dine on the restaurant terrace, each table can accommodate up to three people. Before Phase 3, indoor dining in the restaurant is not allowed.

Neil Gowe put the finishing touches on the luxurious terraces of Byward Market in Ottawa in preparation for the reopening on Friday. (Hallie Cotnam / CBC)

Can I go shopping?

Yes, there are restrictions. The non-essential retail industry will restore 15% of production capacity. Basic retail stores including hypermarkets and discount stores continue to maintain 25% capacity.

From Friday, these stores can sell all goods. There is no more police tape on colored pencils and Elmer’s glue.

Unless the store has a street-facing entrance, the retail stores in the mall will remain closed.

In any store, you still need to wear a mask, Some limited exceptions.

Can I cut my hair?

Not possible. “Personal care services” are still not allowed in the first stage. This means that you still cannot cut or dye your hair, nor can you wax or thread your eyebrows or underarms. These services must wait until the second phase of the reopening plan before they can be booked.

Can I go camping?

Yes, Ontario Parks and all private campgrounds are open from Friday.

Starting Friday, you can rent a cottage or cottage in Ontario. However, there are still restrictions on inter-provincial borders. (Submitted by Christine Brown)

Would you like to go to the cottage on holiday?

From Friday, short-term rentals are allowed, including Airbnbs, cabins and cabin rentals.

There are no restrictions on travel within Ontario, but remember: when you arrive at your destination, you cannot share accommodation with other families, unless you are living alone.

If you are sick, even if your symptoms are mild, you should not go to Sandbanks or anywhere else. If you do travel in Ontario, try to bring enough supplies so you don’t have to shop.

On Friday, Ontario’s provincial parks will resume camping. (Taylor Hulet/Shutterstock)

What if my cabin or favorite golf course is in Quebec?

According to the provincial website, “The Chief Health Officer of Ontario strongly recommends that individuals and families leave the province only when necessary.”

Travel from Manitoba or Quebec to Ontario is limited to at least June 16, and may be extended.There are many exception, Including preventing property damage.

The Quebec government has its own regulations Restrict people from Ontario, With the exception of those who are allowed to own a cottage in Quebec and are responsible for its maintenance.

The vaccinated people are no exception.

Can I go to the gym?

Not possible. Indoor fitness activities are not allowed in the first stage. You can participate in outdoor fitness classes or work with a personal trainer outdoors, with up to 10 participants, while maintaining a distance of three meters.

Can I participate in team sports such as baseball, football or cricket?

Not possible. Team games or exercises are not allowed. You can train with up to 10 people, also keeping a distance of three meters.

The drive-in cinema can also reopen on Friday. (Ryan Remiorz/Canada Press)

What outdoor activities are allowed?

From Friday, you can use the outdoor swimming pool, wading pool and water slide, but keep a distance of two meters.

The horse racing and racing track can be reopened on Friday, but there are no spectators. Outdoor zoos, historical sites and botanical gardens can be reopened with a capacity limit of 15%.

From Friday, the drive-in cinema can be reopened. Drive-in experience The parking lot at RCGT Park in Ottawa is ready, and secondSunroof drive In Pembroke, Ontario, and Elmsley Port Drive.

Boating is allowed for leisure, but only one member of the family can board the boat.

From May 22, you can use splash pads, golf courses, tennis courts, skate parks, sports fields, BMX and skate parks, shooting ranges and archery ranges, but there are restrictions.

Can I go to a church, temple or mosque?

Yes, but it can only accommodate up to 15% of the indoor space. This means that in the first phase, indoor weddings, funerals, and other religious ceremonies and ceremonies can now exceed the maximum of 10 people, which can accommodate up to 15%.

Outdoor religious ceremonies are allowed, but people must be able to maintain a distance of two meters.

Any question? Click here to see a detailed list of allowed in the first phase of Ontario’s reopening plan.

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