Farewell to Nova Scotia: Theodore tugboat replica heads to its new home in Ontario

The much-loved TV tugboat Theodore left Halifax Thursday morning for a new home in Ontario.

Theodore Too is a 20-meter replica of a children’s TV character, which is Sold to a new owner earlier this year Who intends to use the smiling ship to promote the marine industry and responsible marine management.

At 9 o’clock in the morning, Theodore left Halifax Port, his hometown for the past 21 years, surrounded by a fleet of other ships.

The new home of the tugboat will be the Port of Hamilton. According to the new owner Blair McKeil, upon arrival, its engine will be converted to biodiesel-a symbol of Theodore’s future as a “sustainable champion.”

McKeil stated in the press release that he has arranged for the advocacy organization Swim Drink Fish to use Theodore to educate Canadians on water conservation and the restoration of the Great Lakes.

McKeil said he also plans to use Theodore to promote employment in the Canadian marine and shipbuilding industries.

Watch | Theodore Too leaves Halifax for his new home in Ontario:

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