Dip Daddy offers dips and fries delivered in Philadelphia

Have friends come over but don’t want to make a mess in the kitchen by making your favorite snacks? Looking for something beyond the basic store purchase options?

Starting Monday, June 14th, the new Dip Daddy will support you in both cases. Chef Danny Giorgio, who has worked in restaurants such as Amada, Barbuzzo, Little Nonna’s and Bud & Marilyn’s, has created a series of dips made from fresh ingredients. High-quality ingredients that can be ordered and delivered online.

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Six dipping sauces (seasonal varieties rotate in and out) and a choice of four dipping sauces will be available for online purchase in the following ways Dip dad website Deliveries will begin in Philadelphia next week. Prices range from US$5 to US$13.

Dipping sauce

OG Pimento (10 USD)- Roasted peppers, cream cheese, kimchi, Fresno peppers, cheddar cheese, cayenne
Herbie (10 USD)—— Lemon, garlic, jalapeno, Thai basil, Greek yogurt
First choice ($8)- Caramelized onions, tahini, cumin, lemon, garlic
Art (10 USD) – Artichokes, tomatoes, pecans, roasted garlic
Schmear ($13) – Homemade smoked salmon, cream cheese, Dijon, pastrami spices
Buff ($11) – Grilled chicken, jack cheese, Gruyere cheese, hot sauce

All dipping sauces are packed in 16-ounce containers for easy sharing. To match the dipping sauce, Giorgio made dipping sauces for $5 each. They include bagel fries topped with sea salt, pita fries topped with house za’atar, rye grissini (crunchy biscuits topped with pecorino and Aleppo pepper), and pretzels , Taking Giorgio’s facial hair as a model, with various spices on it.

Giorgio first discovered his love of cooking when he was growing up in South Philadelphia. In 2020, he started hosting cooking classes, which turned into dinner parties where guests can learn in the kitchen how to sit down and eat the meals they helped prepare.

“I’m no stranger to dinner parties, we all know that dipping in water can start the night,” said George. “After each class, the most popular recipes are always dipping sauces. People commented that they are much better than any version they bought in the store and hope to make them for their friends and family at the next party.

Dip daddy Will be delivered to the following postal codes in this city: 19102, 19103, 19104, 19106, 19107, 19112, 19121, 19122, 19123, 19125, 19130, 191946, 191945, 19145, 19147, 8

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