Despite the tensions in the Northern Ireland peace agreement, British Johnson still welcomes Biden. British News

Boris Johnson played down the disagreement between the United Kingdom and the United States about the impact of Brexit on the peace of Northern Ireland, saying that the two countries and the European Union were “completely harmonious” in the 1998 peace agreement.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised US President Joe Biden as “a breath of fresh air”, Downplay differences After they met on the eve of the G7 summit, they discussed the impact of Brexit on the Northern Ireland peace agreement.

Before the 90-minute closed-door discussion, they put a big smile on the media, and Biden’s reprimand of London was eclipsed when there was a dispute between London and the European Union over the new trade arrangement for Northern Ireland.

After the talks in Cornwall, England, Johnson stated that the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union were “completely harmonious” in finding solutions to maintain the 1998 peace agreement that ended decades of sectarian conflict in the British province.

Johnson said: “There is complete agreement on the need to move on, find solutions, and ensure that we uphold the Belfast Good Friday Agreement.”

After Brexit, the border between the UK and Ireland needs a new arrangement, because the EU requires inspections of certain goods, while others cannot enter the country at all.

Before the June 30 deadline, continued negotiations on commodities (including sausages) had been controversial and attracted the attention of the White House.

US officials said that the United States does not intend to participate in the negotiations, Biden will not teach Johnson, but will urge a settlement as soon as possible.

“I think the interesting thing is that Northern Ireland is a great place and it has amazing potential. This is a very important part of the UK,” Johnson said.

When asked if Biden was very clear about the situation in Northern Ireland, Johnson said: “No, he doesn’t.”

Johnson said that Biden hopes to cooperate with London on a wide range of issues ranging from climate change, new crown pneumonia to security.

“This is a big mouthful of fresh air,” Johnson said of the meeting with Biden. “It’s new, it’s fun, and we are working hard together. We went on for about an hour and 20 or so. This is a long, long, good meeting. We cover a wide range of topics.”

‘Special relationship’

Biden was also positive about the meeting with Johnson and said that the two discussed a wide range of issues.

“We affirmed the special relationship between our people,” Biden said.

The US president stated that the alliance is responding to challenges including cybersecurity, new technologies, global health and the climate crisis.

Soon after the meeting between the two leaders, the White House issued a statement stating that “the United Kingdom and the United States reaffirmed their commitment to working closely with all parties” to protect [Good Friday] Agreement and “realize its vision of reconciliation, consent, equality, respect for rights and equal respect”.

The President of the United States firmly opposes Brexit advocated by Johnson and expresses great concern about the future of Northern Ireland.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, his wife Kelly Johnson, US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden walk outside the Carbis Bay Hotel in Carbis Bay, Cornwall, UK [Toby Melville/Pool/Reuters]

Atlantic Charter, new working group

Biden said that the two leaders also Renewed the 80-year-old Atlantic Charter, Which led to the United Nations and NATO.

The new plan focuses on the challenges posed by countries such as China and Russia, promises to promote free trade, human rights and a rules-based international order, and combats “those who try to undermine our alliances and institutions.”

The new charter also targets “interference through false information” elections and shady economic behavior, and the West has brought charges against Moscow and Beijing.

Biden and Johnson also agreed to form a new joint working group to study how to resume travel between the United Kingdom and the United States after the two countries successfully carried out coronavirus vaccination campaigns.

According to Downing Street, they also pledged to “expand trade and advance the future Anglo-US free trade agreement”.

Biden warned that any withdrawal by the United Kingdom from the EU’s commitment to Northern Ireland after Brexit could jeopardize US trade negotiations.

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