78-year-old Robert Durst was imprisoned after suffering a “health incident” in prison

On Thursday, the judge presiding over the murder trial revealed that Robert Durst was in prison for health problems and is currently receiving treatment in the prison hospital.

“Mr. Durst is not here,” Judge Mark E. Windham said during a long weekend of firing the jury. “We know that he was in the prison hospital because of some incident involving his health this morning.”


Robert Durst, 78 years old, currently on trial for murderCredit: Environmental Protection Agency

Prosecutors and Durst’s lawyers questioned whether the apparent health problem is just a delaying strategy to further delay the proceedings.

Because of his diagnosis of bladder cancer, his lawyer had previously appealed to the judge, demanding that the trial be postponed indefinitely. Throughout the trial, Durst stayed in a wheelchair.

Deputy District Attorney John Lewin appeared to question the severity of Durst’s condition. He told the judge that the 78-year-old had previously said in prison that he planned to fake dementia and ensure an invalid trial.

“So, I don’t know if this is legal, but obviously, given his history, his actual situation must be suspicious,” Lewis said in court, according to law and crime.

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