Wijnaldum responded vaguely to the withdrawal of Liverpool’s transfer and vowed to reveal everything after Euro 2020

GINI WIJNALDUM opened his heart when he left Liverpool-insisting that he was frustrated with uncontrollable factors.

The Dutch midfielder stated that his Red Army friends and club staff fully understand his decision to leave.


This summer, Gini Wijnaldum waved goodbye to LiverpoolCredit: PA

Wijnaldum, from New castle, Refused to end his new five-year contract at Anfield.

He will represent the Dutch team in the 2020 European Cup Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain with Bayern Munich.

The popular 30-year-old player’s decision to leave puzzled popular science fans.

Wijnaldum said: “When people look at the situation from the outside and don’t understand it, problems arise.

“A lot of fans asked me why I didn’t simply accept Liverpool’s offer to extend the contract.

“But of course it’s not the only factor. It’s much more than that.

“It happened behind the scenes, you as a player can’t control.

“After the European Cup, I will elaborate on them, because now playing for the Netherlands is the only important thing.

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“But what I want to say is that the people on the training ground, the staff and my teammates are happy to let me stay in the club.

“I told them more about the reasons for my decision, and they fully understood why I made this decision.

“This is very important to me.

“This is not the time for me to talk about Liverpool and why I left.

“I will do this after the game. Then everyone will know why things become what they are now.”

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Wijnaldum is highly regarded by Liverpool-but rejected the new contract


Wijnaldum is highly regarded by Liverpool-but rejected the new contractCredit: PA

Wijnaldum helped Liverpool win the Champions League and the Premier League, scoring 22 goals in 237 appearances.

After the Red Army defeated the Crystal Palace on the last day, he won the honor guard.

Midfielder International football: “I had to hold back tears. I didn’t expect it to happen.

“I still feel emotional. At that moment I realized that this was the last game I played for Liverpool.

“The fact that many players leave the club without getting something like this is very special to me.”

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