Wawa launches limited edition “Dongcheng Mare” spicy cheese steak

It is only a matter of time, but the Philadelphia area has officially received the “Easttown Mare” cheese steak from Wawa.

From Thursday, convenience store chains Spicy Cheese Steak is launched to commemorate HBO TV seriesThe hoagie is a short roll made with steak, cheddar cheese sauce and spicy cherry pepper sauce, which Wawa said is “a recognition of how spicy the show is.”

However, it will only be available at 42 Wawa locations in Delaware County from June 10th to 17th.

From Thursday to Sunday, fans can share their favorite “East Side Mare” moments on social media and have a chance to win the Delco Celebration Fan Set, which includes a limited edition Wawa Delco T-shirt and a $25 gift Card to test the official cheese steak of the show.

The first “East Side Mare” spicy cheese steak will be distributed to Chester County Detective Christine Bleiler on Thursday morning, who served as Actress Kate Winslet (Kate Winslet) inspired design for Mare Sheehan Features.

This is not the first hoagie created to commemorate the show. Don’s Deli and Dining Boothwyn serves “The Mare”, a loaf of roast turkey, cranberry sauce, fillings and mayonnaise on a long Serpe & Sons roll.

The launch of the limited edition cheese steak is just one of several things Wawa plans for this Thursday’s “East Side Mare Day” celebration.

Wawa stated that the one-day event will “celebrate the authenticity of the show because it portrays the culture and resilience of a community that supports each other in good times and bad times, and illuminates the daily heroes who spare no effort to serve their communities.”

To commemorate the show’s “committed to raising awareness of mental health issues,” Wawa will donate US$10,000 to CHOP to fund a web series that will educate families and caregivers on how to identify preschool children to college-age children to pediatric The “Healthy Children, Healthy Minds” program of the Behavioral Health Research Institute.

The convenience store chain will also donate $1,000 to a charity chosen by the Darby Police and Fire Department in recognition of “they have been dedicated to serving our community, just like Detective Mare Sheehan did on the show.”

Wawa’s “East Side Mare Day” will also celebrate the new location of the convenience store chain at 418 Parker Baltimore in Upper Darby. The new store has been relocated from 502 South Oak Ave. in Primos.

The new store will open on Thursday morning, and the first 100 customers will provide free coffee and limited edition Wawa Delco shirts.

Vava played an indispensable role in the production of “East City Mare”.The show’s wardrobe is Mainly based on Wawa cashier customers, Said the director Craig Zobel. Wawa coffee and hoagies can also be seen throughout the seven episode series.

Besides, wow Is a popular place Cheer for talents when filming the show. Winslet often patronizes convenience chain coffees during production. Evan Peters, who plays detective Colin Zabel, is hooked on Wawa’s Thanksgiving-themed Gobbler hoagie.

Set and filmed in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, “The Mare of East Town” followed Sheehan, struggling in her personal life while she sought to resolve the murder investigation and two missing persons cases.

All seven episodes of “East City Mare” can be played on HBO Max.

PhillyVoice staff writer Hannah Kanik contributed to this story.

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