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After the fourth election in two years and Benjamin Netanyahu (Benjamin Netanyahu) is increasingly likely to leave the country’s prime minister, the situation in Israel has become increasingly unstable-and Netanyahu himself Add fuel to the fire again.

Netanyahu faces nothing more than losing power on Sunday after 12 years in power, but he is not inclined to accept the latest developments Various opponents Team up to deal with him.

On the contrary, he is exerting tremendous pressure on members of parliament, so they will not vote for the new government by mobilizing his supporters, who have been gathering in front of lawmakers’ houses to demonstrate and intimidate.

The next few days will show whether the Netanyahu era is really over.As the government plans to form an alliance with the prime minister-designate Naftali Bennett Of the 120 seats in the parliament, only a small majority of 61 are held, and they are important every day.

The efforts of Netanyahu and his Likud group to find defectors in the coalition forces are the latest example of “King Bibi” and its pursuit of power.

Ironically, it was Netanyahu who made the next government possible Pass a new law Donna Robinson Divine, professor of Jewish studies and government at Smith College, said that the tradition of not negotiating with Arab parties has ended.

“Netanyahu paved the way for an alternative government that will soon come to power. He proposed a basic law that allows an alternative prime minister; he started Talk to Mansour Abbas Regarding supporting his own alliance,” she told Al Jazeera.

Machiavelli’s Game of Thrones

It has become a recurring theme in Israeli politics. Over the years, Netanyahu has used various political pranks and Machiavelli’s power game to continue to serve as the country’s prime minister. However, Israel has paid a painful price for this. Politically, Israel has been paralyzed. Divine said that even the most basic government responsibilities have been put on hold.

“Netanyahu found a way to conduct four elections to Israel in two years, and the country had to operate without a budget for the past two years,” she pointed out.

In society, the country is severely divided, basically divided into the pro-Netanyahu camp and the anti-Netanyahu camp.

Nadav Argaman, head of Israel’s internal security agency caveat Political violence, and all relevant personnel are required to verbally disarm.

Agaman’s remarks were not named, and were mainly directed at Netanyahu and Likud. The latter publicly insulted the right-wing Knesset members of the Future Alliance as traitors.

Although Netanyahu himself said that he condemned any appeals for violence, he was fully aware of his words and their impact.

“Netanyahu is a very smart, well-read politician, and a master of Israeli political strategy,” Devine said.

His words were chosen deliberately. Netanyahu said of “The biggest election fraud in the state’s history“, even “the biggest scam in the history of democracy.” Netanyahu is self-righteous, Bennett decided to form alliances with the left and the Arabs. This is why people feel deceived and react accordingly.

Netanyahu’s remarks are similar to those of former U.S. President Donald Trump and his post-election, especially on January 6th… Causes rare political violence In that country.

Naftali Bennett’s Yamina Party denies that it will seek to pass a law banning Netanyahu from holding office [File: Abir Sultan via AP]

“Israel in danger” campaign

When asked whether Netanyahu’s remarks about election fraud were similar to Trump’s script, Uriel Ablov, a visiting associate professor at Cornell University, told Al Jazeera: “In a way: Neta Nyahu did not imply that it was manipulated, but Bennett deceived his voters. However, Bennett did not because he made it clear that he wanted to see Netanyahu be removed.”

In fact, Bennett announced that he did not want to Main alliance partner Yair Lapid Or Arab political parties. However, the devil seems to be in the details, Ablov said.

“Many people mentioned that Bennett signed a document promising not to sit with Rapide and Arab political parties, but forgot that the title of the document was’Treaty.’ Bennett invited Netanyahu to sign it. Netanyahu does not, so it is said to be invalid.”

However, as Abulov pointed out, Bennett did not resort to this reason. Therefore, he might feel that he did cancel his promise.

The support of an influential ethnic religion and ultra-orthodox rabbi group added additional motivation. They adopted a similar tone and stated that “everything” needs to be done to prevent the new government from being sworn in.

In addition, reports that the new government will seek to pass a law banning Netanyahu’s resignation have further exacerbated the situation.

Bennett’s Yamina party is Claim that this is just a proposal Maayan Geva, a lecturer in the Department of Social Sciences at Roehampton University, said that if the law is denied as the final version of the agreement between the alliances, the rumors themselves have had an impact and may be beneficial to Netanyahu.

“These reports were widely circulated by Netanyahu himself and the media that supported him, so they were used as part of Netanyahu’s’Israel in danger’ campaign,” Geva told Al Jazeera.

Although Geva admits that such a law can eventually be passed, it is not without obstacles.

“Netanyahu is definitely the source of many problems for competing politicians. If they can pass a law to help them solve the Netanyahu problem, then they are likely to pursue it. It is worth noting that even one The law is enacted and approved by the parliament, and it is likely to be challenged in the high court.”

“Israel is not a monarchy”

At the same time, Bennett talked about a “violent machine” that was deliberately activated. Then he said directly to Netanyahu, “Let go and let Israel move forward.”

Regarding Likud’s claim that the new government will be on the far left, he replied that the coalition is “10 degrees to the right” than the current coalition, allowing Israel to elect a government not led by Netanyahu.

For Bennett, this will be about resilience and focus in the coming days.

“There will be a lot of calls for government transition, but Naftali Bennett is correct-Israel is not a monarchy,” Divine said.

However, the damage has been done. Netanyahu seems to be inclined to jeopardize Israeli democracy because the chances of remaining in power in some way are slim, mainly for personal reasons, Divine said.

“He is determined to stay A way to escape from prison If he is convicted on charges against him, it has already damaged the state institutions. “

Nevertheless, according to Geva, the impact of Netanyahu’s selfish modus operandi is huge and dangerous.

“We are witnessing a desperate politician who has been in power for a long time and is worried about what will happen if he ceases to be the prime minister. Netanyahu has a strong support base and may trigger his claims. Some violent incidents. It is possible that some of the violent actions will target the predicted government members, especially the right-wing party members who Netanyahu portrayed as traitors.”

“Take action on allegations”?

Among everyone, Netanyahu should be aware of how fast the fierce situation will escalate. In 1995, the then Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was murdered Right-wing hardliners.

Similar to today, Netanyahu played a role and did not seem to learn the lesson. As the leader of the opposition, he was the main spokesperson for the two demonstrations, including slogans such as “Rabin’s death”, and was generally involved in the anti-Rabin movement.He has Deny allegations.

Guwa said: “Netanyahu once again played an important role, fueling the dangerous idea that the country is facing an existential threat to try to unite his supporters.”

“So, based on the fear that people will act on Netanyahu and his supporters’ allegations and use violence to’save the country’, it is easy to compare now with 1995.”

So what is the worst case? “If violence breaks out, there will be civil war,” Abulov said. However, he admitted that this possibility is currently very small.

“If Bennett is sworn in, the state is likely to force Netanyahu to step down-no matter how indecent,” he said.

Ablov concluded that, in essence, if Israel is becoming a failed country, the current situation is another test.

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