The heat wave continues this weekend, and the British will burn at a temperature of 30C until July

The weekend will bring a mini heatwave in the UK, the forecaster said

The UK may be on the brink of a small heat wave this weekend, and the temperature in most parts of the UK will reach more than 20 degrees.

A burst of high pressure means that most areas will meet the British Met Office’s definition of a heat wave-defined as three days above a certain temperature threshold.

The sun will stay for the rest of the month, and only the northwest will have a little wind and rain next weekend.

Met Office spokesperson Ollie Clayden told PA News Agency: “A heat wave is defined-it is the highest temperature that reaches or exceeds the temperature threshold for at least three consecutive days.

“London and most parts of the southeast have temperatures above 28C (82.4F), the central area is 27C (80.6F), and the southwest is 26C (78.8F). In Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Devon and Cornwall It’s 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit) in Northern Ireland and the northeast-so this is a sliding scale, depending on where you are, but we haven’t reached this maximum threshold yet.”

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