Pennsylvania House of Representatives votes to end Governor Wolfe’s COVID disaster statement

The Republican-controlled Pennsylvania House of Representatives voted on Tuesday to terminate Governor Tom Wolf’s COVID-19 disaster declarations. Less than a month earlier, voters granted state lawmakers greater control over these declarations.

The initiative will be voted in the Republican-controlled Senate, and if passed, it will take effect immediately after the results of the primary election are confirmed.

voter Passed a measure The May primary elections limited future disaster declarations to 21 days and gave the House of Representatives and Senate the power to extend or end the disaster with a majority vote.

Wolf will not be able to veto the bill to terminate the disaster declaration, PennLive report.

“I support what they are doing,” Wolff said in another press conference. “We are all working hard to solve this problem.”

Ending the disaster declaration will restore state regulations that were suspended during the declaration period.

It will also end the suspension of job search requirements for thousands of unemployed people-an initiative being taken by the Wolfe government Has been working until the end of July this year.

Except for the requirement to wear masks indoors, all coronavirus restrictions have been lifted at this time.

Wolfe first declared COVID-19 a disaster on March 6, 2020, and has repeatedly extended the declaration period.

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